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Danger in Bedford

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Ladies beware of this man....

Today I think I may have had a near miss. I took a booking for an overnight appointment. The guy was very agitated and his manner had become more and more abrupt during the conversations we had during the day. I had to meet him at the station - even though he had his car. I told him to follow in his car but he said he would leave it in the cat park. As we got near my flat I said that my friends were there and he was almost ready to jump out of the car - even though he wanted to have 3 for the evening. He actually got out of the car before I could park it and said he would walk the rest of the way. He then disappeared....It left me feeling very shaken and worried as he had the address.

He goes by the name of Devon. He could be Jamaican. Short Hair, stocky build, 5' 7" and about 40ish. the number he used was 07810***519.

All the signs were wrong - please take care ladies xxx

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This sounds like "Domination Man", but I can't find any other mention of him, though I'm certain I've read of him online before. Anyone else?

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Was sent this........

Domination Man

Has been to prison for assaulting girls when they ask for money�..

Has a London Accent and is black� but doesn�t sound it on the phone.

Basics of what he might ask or says on the phone:

Asks if you are new, have you worked before, have you worked for an agency?

Says he knows (and names)guys that run sites that he found you on.

Wants to meet at Main London Train stations

Goes on and on about the scenario he wants and says he�s Genuine

Asks to be financially taken advantage of during the booking (as he does not want to pay up front and wants you to take the money from his pocket.

Envelope stuffed with newspaper

Wants an all night booking at a hotel near a main Train station( or girls flat.)

Wants to bring another girl he says he�s meet before

Also wants you to dress casually to meet him, no makeup (jeans or tracksuit)

Targets girls that have been newly posted on main sites.







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