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Punting patterns

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Apologies if discussed before ad nauseum, but curious whether my punting days experiences shared by others. Looking back, there was a definite pattern:

At height, probably saw on average two a week. Obviously sometimes more, sometimes less.

Tended to see more when spent a lot of time out-for-evening; easy to arrange meeting on way home. Saw less if home sex life ok (which rarely was :cool:)

Bad punt would usually result in another one soon after; probably trying to erase memory!

Good punt inevitably meant re-book; but usually after 2-3 visits would get a little jaded and want to find someone new. Same principle would often apply to agencies (if found good lady at new agency, would use agency again, but then take a break and find new one).

Boredom: if found myself at a loose end, would make a booking simply to kill time.

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