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I have always gone with indepent wg and would like some advice on agencies. I have had my eye on and wondered if u guy had any reviews for Brandy, niki, cherry or cindy

Or any other agencies that u would recommed in london thanks

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Brandy - her ass is simply phenomenal,, a wonder of nature, the main reason I've seen her in the past - the rest of her body is really damn good too. She also looks MUCH younger in person than in the photos.

She's friendly enough but a bit too quiet, passive and unimaginitive for my liking and a real 'cumdodger' - definitely not bad and worth a try.

Cherry - again much younger looking in person- pretty much anything goes with Cherry, will go all-out to please you and is highly imaginitive, experimental even - bit too much of an actress for my liking though

Cindy - incredible big heavy natural breasts, definitely not a PSE, a fairly standard and bit of an unimaginitive service IMO - kind of like an ok one night stand with a friendly girl who just happens to have monster boobs.

Niki - not had the pleasure but have heard that she's young, new and inexperienced - in my experience punts with girls like this CAN be lovely, natural, sweet and highly charged, but not always.

PM me and I'll recommend some other agencies for you -

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