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Recommendation for Eva of Ulm(D)

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I was visiting a company near Ulm,and decided to check out what was available.I found this:

Although Eva is nearly 50,she;s fit as anything,and great fun.She allows pretty much everything.A 3 hour meeting turned into an overnight,and we agreed to meet for lunch,the following day(Sunday).At lunch she brought along a female friend.Both were dressed in business clothes.The restaurant overlooked the river,and was excellent.After lunch Eva suggested another session with her friend.Who was I to resist?

We got back to the hotel(the best one in Ulm),and to the room.I insisted on undressing each to their underwear,in front of the big mirror,in the room.I undressed Eva's friend first,down to her underwear(stockings,suspenders,corselette etc),followed by Eva to the same degree.Eva then decided to put a show on with her friend,and I sat in an armchair,while they went at each other.Eva had a strapon in her bag,by the bed,which she removed,and asked me to help her put it on.There followed a most intense lesbian scene,where Eva was very dominant,with her friend.The other lady came hard.We then relaxed with some champagne from the mini bar.

Part 2 follows

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Part 2-Eva+1(Ulm)

I went to the bathroom briefly.To my amazement the second lady followed.her name was Jana.She indicated that Eva was very submissive,which surprised me,particularly since she had laid into Jana with gusto.I thanked her for the information,and said that I would take her advice.

I returned to the room and Eva was now lying on the bed,on her stomach.Taking off my jacket and tie,I now proceeded to lick her,around her stocking tops,and in the areas close to her slit,while pulling her cheeks apart,and her arsehole.Her slit was certainly getting very moist,but I continued to lick in areas close to her being,rather than actually on it.I continued for 10-15 minutes.Then Jana joined in.At that point I took her arsehole and Jana licked her slit.That got Eva going,and loud moans came from her mouth.I licked her bum ,putting my tongue and finger,alternately inside her.Jana's busy fingers were now inside Eva's slit.Eva's breaths were now more ragged,and she came hard,rather suddenly.As she did,I spanked her hard a couple of times,on her arse,and she came again.Lieber Gott I thought.

Early evening was now upon us.We all slept on the bed for about an hour,both ladies still wearing stockings,suspenders and high heels.At this stage I had not yet fucked Eva today,although I had on our previous meeting.I suggested to Jana,that she watched what came next.After more champagne,I placed Eva infront of the mirror,and facing it,and put a finger on each nipple,slowly pressing them into her tit flesh.As I did this I then rotated the .She felt both the pain and pleasure,and checking her slit,it was very wet.I appeared to make an impression.I continued and her breathing became shorter,and more shallow,and after a period of manipulation(excuse the pun),she came standing up,in front of the mirror.I lifter her up,and placed her on the bed,as she seemed completely zonked.Jana told me that she had never seen that done before.I now paid some attention to her.Her breasts were only a little smaller than Eva's,and she was a lot taller.I went straight for her arse,and drove my tongue inside.A quick contraceptive on,and I was inside it.Jana seemed to enjoy this,and thrust back vigorously.Eventually (I think) she came.

The last round had me fucking Eva in her slit,while Jana used the strapon on Eva's arse.All together,we had been in the room for about 4 hours.I ordered coffee from room service,and the girls both freshened up.They wanted to call a taxi,but I said I was quite able to take them home,in comfort.We settled up,for a sum that I felt was entirely reasonable,considering what we had done.On the way back,we stopped at a typical local pub,where they had wine and coffee,and we chatted about life,love and all sorts of things.They asked me how long I would be in Ulm,and I said a couple of days more.I was happy to invite them to dinner.They proffered their phone and e-maill addresses and I gave them mine.I thought that I might see them again!

Eva rang later that night to say that she was absolutely exhausted,and had had a great time.Of the two,I think that Eva was the better,but not by much.Some time later,I'm still getting texts and e-mails from them.

In spite of their age,both these women were sexy as hell.We shall meet again.

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