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Joanna Manchester

Obsessive, does anyone else have him in their directory?

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I don't know if this man is generally wierd with other women or if I'm just the 'lucky' one who is the target of his affections. I first swa him a year or so back, he rang initially supposedly from Barcelona, using the name Michael. When I saw him his oral techniques were incrediblty rough and there was something about him that gave me the 'creeps', next time he rang I told him that I didn't want to see him. He then came to see me some time later using a different name and number, I saw him but once again it was not a pleasant experience and I decided I wouldn't see him again. Since then he has tried booking me using different numbers and names. Last Thursday he tried booking me again, this time speaking in a very quiet voice, he said this was because his girlfriend was in the flat with him which struck me as wierd, I'm presuming this was to diguise his voice. That morning I was having some new photos done and my photographer offered to wait in the car park, we agreed a series of signals in case it was him and he was trouble or if I was happy with the potential client. My photographer suspected it was him because when he came into the courtyard of the blocks of flats he went straight to the right one and pressed the buzzer. When he got to my door and I looked through the security hole he was wearing baseball cap so I couldn't see his face clearly. I let him in and as soon as he'd come through the door realised it was him. I told him I didn't want to see him, he kept on asking if he could see me, contradicting himself several times, eventually he left having asked for a number for local cab frim which I gave him. My photographer friend saw him come out the block on the phone as I called him so he knew who it was when he came into the car park. A few minute later the photographer took a walk around saw he was still on the phone waiting for cab by the main road, eventually he was picked up. I don't know if he was calling somebody else or not, it just struck me as strange that he was on the phone for 5 minutes or so minutes after he left my place.

He is in his early 20s with a bispy beard and longishair, very much a student look, with a backpack, very obsessed with rimming. His names and numbers have been:

Michael +000 **033

+3493 **41220

Jake 07565 **0193

John 07541 **8309

Michael 07733 **6751

Andy 07743 **7551

I was away for the weekend so had my phone switched off, got two messages from a 'Matthew', new number, but until I know it's the same person I don't want to give his number on here. I am suspicous because he said he didn't want to book me in the near future, just wanted to discuss services and he left the identical message two days running, a bit like he was reading from a script to disguise his voice.

I know it's quite easy to get new sim cards, it's the way he seems to be obsessed with me, I think he's worrying. My photographer has suggested I make a booking with him and that he will be there when he turns up, I'd rather it didn't come to that point.

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