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Another 2 Robber Warnings

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Again I am sorry if I have broken the rules, but don't know where else I can post this.

Today I received 2 different texts from a regular WG I know in Paddington, she received both texts as warnings, because she is Thai her English is not as good as mine, she asked if I could pass on as she is worried about her own and other girls safety.

First text she received. - Russians 07788 6*3813 robbed a girl at 4.30pm, I believe Thursday as I got text this morning, one knocked on the door another 3 were hiding behind door they took everything.

Second text she received - +44 7513 4*3292 robbed a girl with a knife, he is oriental looking tall guy in his 30s.

Again my apologies if I have broken the rules - just want to help if I can.

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