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Pauschalclub Dortmund

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I was one of the first Into the club at 11am, paid €100 for 3hrs, upgraded to all day later for €150, got showered and Into the main room, got a drink and had some bread and a sit down for 10mins,

I noticed Dennise was sat alone at the end of the room, so went over for a chat, I hadn't seen her In about a year, not sure if she remembered me at first, she has a new tattoo on her shoulder, said it was her first and only one, she had just got back from a spanish holiday, and was tanned and looking sexy. So was only fair that we go upstairs, had a very good session with her, she gives a great BBBJ, and was happy to do many postitions, she Is a very popular girl at the club, a very good looking German girl.

Got showered and got some more food and sat down through In the far room, It was about midday now, todays theme was dildo shows, and Kira and Vicky got on the bed, and started playing with their plastic toys, and then came over to the sofas to let the guys have a play, Kira came over and let me play with her pussy, then she gave me a nice BBBJ, but I'd only just been In the room with Dennise, so wasn't gona cum soon, so called a stop after a while.

I was In no rush to have another session, I was tired from a night of no sleep, so was nearly nodding off lol.

I remembered Christine the crazy Hungarian I'd seen back In June, she Is funny, and good In the room, so went over to sit with her on the couch, her English Isn't very good, but we understood each other with a little German, so off we went upstairs, Christine Is a good performer, and seems to get very wet, had a top session In the room, went over the 15mins.

Back downstairs I was In need of some more food, which consists of bread cold meats, cheese, hot frankfurters, and selection of yoghurts etc.

After the food I wandered over to Dennise who was sat on a couch and had a chat, she was ready to take me to a room, so off we went, all the rooms upstairs were In use, so we went In the downstairs room, which Is nice, Dennise suggested we relax, I was still tired, so was happy to lay down and have a cuddle and a chat, and gave each other a massage, at this point I asked her why she didn't work at a fkk club, she told me that she had worked at one down In Wuppertal, but said the clubs were quiet, said she preferred the Pauschalclub, as she had to work hard, but was guaranteed good pay, guess she prefers to be the big fish In a small pond, as she Is one of the girls who Is always busy.

Back downstairs I relaxed with a drink, then went for a dip In the hot tub, the sun was out and enjoyed It, was nice, I didn't see anyone else use the hot tub all day.

After a while I sat down next to Michell, she's a dark haired Romanian girl, her English was non-existent, so we skipped the chat and she dragged me up to a room, funny girl and had a Interesting session, she tried her hardest to make me cum, I ended up cumming over her belly.

Time was getting close to 6pm, and more guys were arriving, many of the girls were busy, and guys were lurking around the front room waiting to grab a girl, I deceided it was time for me to go, so got dressed and took the short walk to the airport.

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