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Slim, Young, Short And Petite, Shaved

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Hi guys,

I will go through the soho walkup thread to get a good idea of the description of some of the ladies but i was hoping if someone could give me a quick guide.

I'm looking to visit a soho walkup for the first time and ideally i want her to be:

1. Slim - size 8ish and petite with a very nice toned body

2. young - maximum age I would say is 26 but as long as she meets the above criteria!

3. short - considering I'm a short guy, ideally I'd like to punt with a lady who's around 5'5 maximum, as any taller would feel slightly uncomfortable! I understand that it wouldn't really matter at all when you're doing the business but my initial confidence would drop if shes taller than me!

4. Shaved - preferably she should be fully shaved down under or i wouldn't mind a bit of hair.. just as long as it doesn't need the attention of a lawnmower!

Thank you guys in advance and look forward to your input!

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