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Are Agencies Picky Or Do They Get A Lot Of

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Just read this on an agency web-site:

Q. Do you agree to represent/Promote just any escort?

A. Most certainly NOT! I am very particular about who I will promote. Although there is no one single thing they must have, there are certainly things they must not have! If I have any doubts about an escort I will simply not agree to represent her. All of the escorts I agree to promote must in my honest opinion be able to deliver to you a professional & very high level of service, second to none. Like any one I make mistakes, but when they become evident I will have no hesitation (as I have shown before) in ceasing to represent/promote that individual. To put this in to context, on average I meet a large amount of escorts every week seeking promotion from us, on average over the last 12 months I only agreed to represent 1 in every 18 girls!

and it seems scarcely believable. I'm guessing that if you run an agency, you'll be approached by women who are thinking of becoming an escort who can't present themselves well at any kind of job interview, don't realise that escorting is actually real work, or who have bad references from previous agencies. So maybe only 1 in every so many will be suitable, but 1 in 18 scarcely seems believable. Am I missing something, or are there really that many women who think they can do the job, but can't.

Makes me glad to have known some of the special few in a way.

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