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Thai Lover In Great Punt With Ee Girl Shock !

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I was suddenly feeling very horny, East London way with a bit of time to kill and decided, spur of the moment, to avail myself of this situation by using the services of an establishment advertising in the local 'cheap-ads' paper 'classifieds' section.

I was introduced to 2 girls, the first was fairly attractive with great boobs but gave me a stiff cold handshake, did not smile once and looked miserable and totally unfriendly, while the 2nd girl not facially quite as attractive as the first and a little older, had an extremely attractive and horny glint and sparkle in her eye, was tall with lovely boobs and a nice ass. She looked me dead in the eye, smiling, gently holding my hand and kissed me on the cheek, never leaving my gaze once.

It was obvious who I chose to spend my time (and money) with.............and what a good decision it was !

What followed was suprisingly quite a tender but very enjoyable and laugh and fun-filled session with a lovely woman who french kissed superbly and uninhibitedly and had one of the boldest gazes of any wg I've ever encountered.

She told me she was Romanian and that the reason she kept looking at me so intently was that my eyes 'killed her' (her words).

While the 1st girl I was introduced to in that room seemed to only reinforce my negative prejudices about EE wgs, the 2nd girl who I ended up having a very enjoyable session with, did much to temper my less than favourable stereotyping (which is, I have to add, based solely on experience)

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