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Getting The Punt Just Right

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I've only punted three times in the last two or three years, and before that i had about 15 years off.. so when i was punting semi regularly there was no internet as such (80's) so maybe things are easier now but...

I've never really been interested in the RGE, I can see if you've not got one, then you'd appreciate it, but for me its about being with a stranger, the excitement, the naughtiness etc. Most of all though i suppose, its about the selfishness of not having to really consider anyone but my own pleasure (sorry , but i am paying)

So what i generally want is specific fantasy scenarios --i don't mean role playing as such -- but teasing, visual stuff, non contact (i could go to details.. but not the point of the thread)

generally in the past, when all booked from contact mags/newspapers etc .. it always seemed to go well on the phone, but the reality was totally disappointing. I'd think that with email, websites etc it would be easier to get exactly what you want.

my recent punt was really good from the point that she was very sexy, and very good .. but my "script" as it were was just binned, it was as if she had her own well rehearsed routine and just slipped into that irrespective of what i wanted.

it did say on the website .. fantasies are my speciality ... to words to that effect.

i remember back in the 80's .. out of maybe 100 or so punts, there were only a couple that got close to being totally memorable (a lot of these were not indies so its understandable to some extent)

anyone have any thoughts, or advice.?

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I can't speak for other ladies of course, but I always find very specific fantasies a little awkward with someone I don't know well. Of course, I don't push in my advertising that I'm specially good at fantasies or roleplay so I don't attract many clients that want it - you would have expected better from a lady who claims to specialise :P. If a client contacts me with a a very specific plan for a session, anything like a script or an overly detailed menu of exactly what they want to happen, I recommend that they come to see me for a more relaxed session first and we can get more 'scripted' later.

There's a difference between that, of course, and saying "I was looking for a massage to start with, then oral both ways and sex in a couple of positions (this one and this one), finishing with a chat and coffee." (or the PSE equivilent). That kind of thing I would have thought most ladies would be happy enough to follow (as long as you don't ask for something they don't offer), and if you have found ladies who ignore even those type of requests, you have had very bad luck!

I doubt many of us would be offended if you tried to steer the session in the direction you wanted it to go - again, as long as you don't push for something that isn't available. I've been known to forget a certain request a couple of times if it's been arranged in advance and I didn't make a clear note of it - but am always happy to change what I'm doing and, within reason, what I'm wearing if I'm reminded.

So, I guess my advice is - break your script down into the services you want (kissing? full sex? oral with or without? anal? do you want the lady to be a competant enough dancer to do a lapdance or striptease? anything kinky? dirty talk?) and make sure you find a lady who can do those things. Tell her the scenario you want and then, if she wanders off script, ask her if it's ok if you move onto x now.

No doubt if you post in the request for information board, you'll get lots of recommendations of ladies who specialise in fantasies and roleplay (rather than the lady you saw who claimed that she did, when perhaps she was not as comfortable with them/good at them as she thought :P). Good luck :)

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