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Many years ago i attended an event that meant i would be staying in a hotel along with 3 friends, I met up with friends in the bar for the evening, as we all sat drinking & chatting i noticed a group of 4 girls sitting at the opposite end of the bar room to us every now & then the barman called the girls over & they would leave the bar for half an hour, this went on all evening, the girls would go off & return at the barmans request.

After i saw this happen a couple of times i quietly let onto my mates what was happening. they thought i was winding them up untill it happened a few more times.

By the end of the evening we were a bit the worse for drink as we headed for our rooms, after being in my room for a couple of mins i heard someone outside my door when went to see what was going on i saw a small card had been pushed under my door blank on one side on the other was the bar extension number & wording to invite me to have a bit of female company for the night.

In the morning as i was setting off with my mates i mentioned the previous evenings happening, all 3 mates showed me the same cards that had been pushed under their doors.

Has anyone else had this happen to them??


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