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Day Of Awareness Dec 17 Int'l Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers

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Day of Awareness: Dec 17, Int'l Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

dont forget this day

December 17th is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. The day was created by the Sex Workers Outreach Project USA ( to call attention to hate crimes committed against sex workers. This day has empowered workers around the world to come together and organize against discrimination and remember victims of violence. The assault, battery, rape, and murder of sex workers must end. Existing laws preve...nt sex workers from reporting violence. The stigma and discrimination that is perpetuated by prohibitionist laws has allowed and fostered this violence and harassment. Please join with sex workers around the world and stand against criminalization and violence committed against them.

Here's a list of actions you can take (and not just during the week of December 17, but any time of the year) Please try to do at least one!

1. Attend an action or vigil to raise awareness about violence against sex workers. See the SWOP website ( for a list of events around the world.

2. Organize your own event. It could be political, educational, or something to memorialize missing and murdered sex workers.

3. Educate yourself about sex workers and their rights. Check the FIRST website ( and the websites of our Allies & Resources (

4. Volunteer for, or make a donation to, a service organization that supports street-based sex workers (such as WISH:, or PACE:

5. Make a donation to a sex worker rights group that advocates for sex workers (such as Maggies: or Stella:

6. Join a group that supports or advocates for sex workers.

7. Write a letter to the editor, post a website comment, and/or talk to a friend or colleague to:

- Raise public awareness about the rights of sex workers.

- Combat the violence, stigma, and discrimination they face.

- Refute myths and misinformation about sex workers.

8. Write to your government representatives and ask them to stand up for the rights of sex workers.

9. Advocate to unions and labour organizations for the legitimization of sex work as work.

10. Talk to a sex worker with the assumption you will learn something from them.

11. Ask a sex worker how you can support them.

12. Send love to sex workers you know (or don't know). Write an email, post on their Facebook wall, mail a card, send flowers or candy.

13. Offer support or condolences to the families and friends of sex workers who have been murdered or disappeared.

14. Do something at home that has personal meaning, such as a memorial bath or lighting a candle.

15. Tell others what you're doing to honour sex workers on Dec 17, and encourage them to do something too.

16. Spread the word about International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, and send this event link to all your networks.

Thank you for supporting sex workers!

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Theres an event in London

Friday, December 17 ยท 7:00pm - 8:00pm


Location Crossbones Graveyard - Memorial Gates

Redcross Way

London, United Kingdom

The 17th December is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. In the UK and throughout the world, sex workers are continually subjected to physical and emotional abuse which often goes unreported because of the criminalisation of the work they do.

Let us call upon the spirit of Goodness and join together to share our poems, stories and songs in a candle light vigil to remember those who have died at the hands ...of those who were violent against them and to send our love and strength to those who are still suffering that they may find a way out of violent situations to places of safety.

The cost of the event is free, however, money donations will be accepted

Tealights will be provided - PLEASE BRING candle lanterns or jam jars

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Not so keen on the New Age sentiments of the organiser, but I definitely support the cause of ending violence against WGs. I'll probably show my support by foregoing a punt this Fri and donate the funds to the campaign.

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there is also an event organised by GMB sexwork and adult entertainment branch at TUC House, Great Russel Street, London WC1 with speeches and performances, from 6.30-10pm on friday night. there is more information about it here :

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I would like to see an end to violence against all women, not just sex workers. Surely a noble cause though...

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