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The facts:

When that site first went online in early 2003, a total of 119 Field Reports with links to the site were submitted within a short time period. IP address and writing style analysis led to the conclusion that almost all were written by the same couple of people, presumably the site's owners, in an attempt to drive traffic to their site. 

Since then, other dishonest practices have come to light. The reports I have received over the years include the following:

* Inclusion of service providers without their consent, with photos and contact details lifted from the ladies' own sites. Again, an attempt to fill their database and generate more site traffic.

* The above, with the addition of a premium-rate phone number which forwards to the provider's own phone, but which costs the punter to call and presumably generates more income for the site in question. The blame for this fell on the unfortunate ladies who were unaware that they had been put on that site without their knowledge or consent.

* Completely fabricated profiles of non-existent service providers, intended to generate income by requiring the punters to pay to view their private photo galleries and contact details. Naturally, the "lady" is never actually available when people try to make a booking.

* The use of stock/stolen photos, readily identifiable by tineye or google image search.

* Profiles of service providers who may or may not exist, but using photos stolen from genuine ladies' websites.

* Many reports of providers who are not as represented in their profiles and do not offer the services listed.

Some of the above may have been perpetrated by individuals using that site and not by the site itself; however, I have had numerous reports of the site failing to take action when complaints are made regarding stolen photos or other content.




Caution should be exercised when visiting escorts who advertise solely on AW, with no other web presence. Positive reviews on AW may be self-written and photos may not be of the actual person you will meet. Also, providers on AW have the option of not showing their reviews online, and the nature of AW's membership, where reviewers are themselves subject to reviews, means that many clients who would like to write a negative review will not do so for fear of reprisals.


Reviews on PunterNet of AW providers will not be deleted unless there is compelling evidence that they are fraudulent.


Ladies who represent themselves honestly and provide a good service should be encouraged to sign up for a profile on PunterNet, as that will show the world that they are most likely genuine and motivated to give a good service.

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