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2 English Guys, Surrey.

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Violent robbery at a flat.

Vague discription...

1 came to door about 6ft english clean shaven medium build not sure on age but thinks between 20-30 mousy brown hair he was wearing knuckle dusters, hit maid, 2nd ran in, about same age wearing balaclavas so couldn't see hair bigger build about 5.7

this was a very violent attack. Havnt heard of similar reports but would like to hear from anyone who thinks they've seen them or have better description or pics?

Stay safe.

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These guys are violently robbing places up and down the M25 area.

Think they're not English, one definately has a slight accent.

Comes to door with hands in pockets as he's wearing nuckle dusters. Tall, spikey hair.

Some people reading this will know more.

If we stick together we can catch these scum

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