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Ultimate Indulgence Milton Keynes

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When I read that and say the picture, I could help but wonder what Sophie and the reporter are looking down and saying:

Sophie: "Hi, Are you okay? It looks like youve pissed your pants"

Reporter looking down: "Err, yes, it appears I have"

Nothings changed, business as usual. Coppers seem more interested in trying to catch me speeding down the A5.

Since I get the MK Citizen, occasionally see the same "Shock horror" MK sex parlour news story appear for years, but its just filling up column inches. Not much else happening in MK.

Unless your interested in reading about a BT broadband upgrade.....

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Quite funny as the little old lady next door said "if I knew he was sat outside in his car for so long, I would have invited him in for a cup of tea"!

Business as usual, yesterday's news, today's fish&chip wrappings.


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