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Mongering Scene At Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus (kibris)

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Hi, here are, i will share with you some mongering scene at cities of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus ; Girne , Magusa and Lefkose .

Northern Cyprus is also a place for gamblers, many casinos at every hotel.

no need to go to EE countries for mongering you can also visit Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus where you can enjoy many beautiful young EE girls and cheaper prices.

i can say that beauty, prices and services of the girls are really great compare to RLD of Belgium and Holland.

there are many nice clubs which you can find many beautiful Eastern European girls inside(mainly moldova, romania and ukraine).

I could not see any ripoff clubs and the girls are tested for STD’s each week,All in all the authorities seem to take a very liberal and pragmatic approach to our hobby .

most famous and best line-up are Biyax ( ), Playboy ( ), Lipstick ( ),Harem,Crazy, Imparator,Titanic, Prenses,GoldenGirl, Sexy Lady ( ) Mexico...

There are two ways to go about getting a girl.

Most of the nightclubs are open during the day. You can turn up and ask to view the photo album of their girls.

You can select whichever one you want and if she is not on a program (more of this later) you can take her for an hour on their premises for between 100-150 TRY. 100 TRY is around 45 EURO.all nigth is about 250-350 TRY.

Morning programmes differ depending on the club. Generally in the Lapta cubs morning programmes are 11am till 4pm. Have taken girls from Maxim, Golden Girls, Prenses & Forplay on 11am-4pm programmes.

At the clubs near to Alaykoy, Eg Lipstick, Playboy, Biyax, Mexico etc generally they are 11am till 6pm. Mexico was 11am till 5.30pm last time I indulged.

The other way is to visit the clubs in the evening. They open around 8.30-9pm.

The Lapta clubs are generally cheaper.

here is the map: http://www.cyprus44....s-road-map.jpg

here is the list of clubs :

Girne Area


Prenses - GuzelYali

Anemon - Guzelyali

Avsar ( sarı taşlar ) - Guzelyali

Avsar 2 - Alsancak

Zakkum 2 - Lapta

Ak2000 - Alsancak

GoldenGirl Motel - Alsancak

Club GoldenGirl - Girne Harbour Entrance

Mon Amor - After Passing Lapta while going to Guzelyali

Club Siena - Very Closed to Mon Amor club

GuzelYurt Area


Zakkum 1 - Omorfo

FiveStar - Omorfo

SingleHorse - Omorfo

WhiteHouse 1 - Lefke CukurGalif

BeyazSaray 1 - Lefke CukurGalif

WhiteHorse - Omorfo Entrance

FourStar - Omorfo Entrance

Irros - Lefke Entrance

Lefkoşe Area


club 2002 - At the center of Girne -Lefkoşee Mountain Road ( near Stonemine )

Mexico - Alaykoy

SexyLady - Alaykoy

LiPSTiCK - Alaykoy

Ronny - Alaykoy

Imparator 1 - Gonyeli

Imparator 2 - Alaykoy

Playboy - Alaykoy

Tropical ( Tropicana )- Alaykoy

Biyax - Alaykoy

SingleStar - Alaykoy

I like You - Hamitkoy

Malibu - Hamitkoy

Tutti Frutti - Gonyeli / Hamitkoy Road

Crazy Girl - Hamitkoy

Kingz Club - Hamitkoy ( between Crazy Girl )

Harem - Alaykoy

Harem Hanedan - Gonyeli

Magosa and Karpaz Area ( Famagusta City )


Hasan Baba ( 8 Mile Road )

HollyWood ( Karpaz Road )

Vazaro Club 1 ( Entrance of Famagusta )

Vazaro Club 2 ( Entrance of Karpaz )

Vazaro Suite Motel ( Karpaz Road )

White House 2 - Salamis Road

Beyaz Saray 2 - Salamis Road

Red Club - Center of Famagusta

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