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3 posts in this topic might need to scroll up a bit

..........or alternatively you can start here and scroll down a little to Column 238 - Policing and Crime Bill. A good read - if you have the stamina! :o

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Speaking about the much criticised clause 13, Baroness Miller puts Harman, Bindell et al fair and squarely in their place with her opening broadside:

This part of the Bill could simply be seen as a moral crusade against sex workers and their clients. People have had these moral crusades for hundreds or even thousands of years. Meanwhile, the issues of the health of society and real routes out of prostitution for women who want that option remain unaddressed. We have amendments to address those issues. There have been those who claim that the Bill is a great move forward to stop women being treated as sex objects and to help rehabilitate prostitutes. Sadly, that is the view of some so-called feminists. I say "sadly" because normally I would be pleased to call myself a feminist, but in this case I believe that the approach is naive and takes no account of reality. It dangerously makes some women's lives less safe and more difficult.


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