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Anyone Used The Following London Agencies?

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Visiting London next week and planning on doing some punting there :D

I have been doing some research and know there are some good agencies like Touch of Class, Bunnies of London, and Max. Some of the girls that I wanted to see are no longer available or not available when I'm visiting London, so I want to have some alternative options.

Here's some of the agencies that I'm looking at:

Agency Allure


Admiral Escort

Agency Barracuda

Busty-Model UK

I'm mainly looking for WGs that are naturally busty and under size 10.

Preferably under 25yo, English or E.European.

Budget is about 250/hr max, but can stretch a bit if the girl have truly stunning figure.

(I did read the naturally busty and slim thread here but couldn't find much recent information for London area girls)

Any comment on the agencies or recommendations on indies are welcomed and will be appreciated :D

Thank you.

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Have used Agency Allure, Hot Collection, Admiral and Busty-uk.

Allure are a little expensive and on the no reports list for some reason, Hot Collection and Admiral are mainly EE types, the girl I saw with Busty uk was an ex Maxes girl so quality assured.

All good experiences.

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I have used Barracuda and Hot Collection and have found them most helpful. You might also consider Diva and Agenctouchofcalss, they have always been good at knowing what their girls are really like.

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I've used them all apart from Allure

I find the airbrushing outrageous in most cases, bear in mind all my choices were the very busty end of the spectrum. Most of my choices turned out to be girls I'd not do for free. This did not used to be case. When supreme 69, for example started, it was excellent.

And in recent cases on top of the airbrushing a real cold fish attitude which if it weren't for my abject laziness I'd have walked.

Do report if you find a star.

As I've mentioned before I find prime escorts who have a decent heritage like supreme 69 much more reliable vis a vis both of the above complaints

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