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long dong dave

Curiosity About An Aberdeen Agency

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Had an appointment with a new divine’s new girls lovely girl young but I fear A bit nieve, after we had got down to business she was telling me she had registered for another agency before joining divine the other agency had asked her to go to their photographer but her photo’s were never put on their site can’t understand why as she a really good looking girl fantastic figure, but to get to the point of this post she phoned the photographer to ask for her photo’s and was told he would give her his prints of her session,

I told her I would post this for her and ask anyone out there know anything about Heavenly Entertainment not to be confused with Divine Entertainment in Aberdeen apparently run by a bloke and why they would not have posted girls photo’s on site and why they would have printed her photo’s?

After her telling me her story i got to admit my curiosity is wondering as well.

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