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Has anybody been punting here? If so, what is the scene like?

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Ive not been to aruba, but I've been to curacao a couple of years ago for a weeks holiday...

Its one of those islands where a) its Dutch, so these things are legal... and B) a lot of cruise ships stop here (like St Martin), so theres a few opportunities

Its very close to Columbia/Venezuela, so I'd guess most of the women working there are latina, rather than afro caribbean.

In terms of punting, its famous for Campo Allegre, a massive site very near the airport. I think its an old army barracks, converted... where all the accomodation is now rented by girls on a 3 month visa. This means you can walk around the well kept grounds and see upto 150 girls all hanging out around their apartments, kinda like a horny butlins! In the middle is the bar areas, and gym which the girls use, and food stall, etc. To be honest its kinda like the definition of kid in a candy store... all these beautiful women everywhere! I remember security being very tight, which is a very good thing, and it having a small entrance fee of a couple of dollars...

The girls are all on short term visas... they come over from Columbia for 3 months, work, and then go home with money for their families. As they are mainly Columbian, they are all shortish slim but curvy girls, with incredible bubble butts!, and dark long hair, often with enhanced breasts... I thought they were all amazing! And lovely girls too, really nice... Didnt ever get the idea they were unhappy or forced. I remember one girl took me in her apartment and did my nails for me while chatting, no money asked or pressure put on...

I cant remember the costs, but it was for half hour or hour... they do a lot of short time work rather than the whole nighters it seems, and the place is open 24 hours, but picks up after 11pm

Ive just seen they have a website

Any questions, just send ask, ill see if i can remember the answers :)

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