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Sanjana Gulati, Hounslow

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Look very nice to me!?

Yes, I saw her last Aug, when she called herself 'Shilpa' - she has a number of FR's under that name.

Just search. I didn't quite recognise her 2 months ago, from the other site,

and when I rang her, the voice sounded very familiar. I asked if she was

free, and her reply was "Yes". "Can I come over?" and she replied "Ring back in 10 minutes to confirm"

and I realised it was Shilpa. That's all I needed to give her a miss.

Last year I paid for an hour, and I was out of the door after 35 mins. Her service was fair, but I

personally wouldn't see her again.

The tits are great though, but she wouldn't lie still long enough for me to nibble on her nipples!

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I have to agree with you ffs1001. I saw her in March - I texted her on the day about as agreed, 4/5 hrs before the booking and she replied still ok, so I made my way to Hounslow. I arrived at the station in plenty of time awaiting final directions but she was running late and finally gave me directions half an hour after the agreed start time. The hotel was just 500 yrs away fortunately, so I went ahead. Pleasant enough girl, but certainly not a high class escort as desribed in her profile on the other site or as friendly as she makes out. She constantly replied to texts (not from me, ha !) during our meeting so it was difficult to maintain my interest. Nice boobs but has an enormous bottom (mostly well covered up in her pictures unsurprisingly ) , which turned me off big time. She isn’t as cultured as I expected an indian to be and her language unladylike. I left 30 mins before my time was up and won’t be going back. Just wish I had seen your comments before I had booked her. Thanks.

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