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Eastern, Really?

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I am doing a lot of travel to central europe of the coming weeks and still being a Western guy who thinks everything East is still in the dark ages I was looking for some cheap(ish) thrills if I head a bit east. But having read a lot here I have found:

1) Most of the usual places (Prague, Budapest, Kiev) the prices for a WG is 150eur per hour. I can get this on the "other site" anyway

2) Most people who talk about how cheap it is haven't been there for 5-10 years

3) Most look for semi-pros, but its a bit too much hard work (with a lot of scams). The whole point of punting is to cut that all out, going out trawling clubs buying drinks...etc.

4) Once you get off the main tourist areas, people can be not so welcoming, especially for those who have a natural tan

5) "agencies" are more hit then miss and its had to find true independants.

All in all, I have come to the conclusion it all too much work and not that cheap. So will keep my wee pounds for the steaks at home.

If you think otherwise I am happy to be informed, but try to be specific "went to xxxx and most WG were 100 a pop, found via site/paper/club". I found most of the EE comments just old reminiscence about things that aren't around anymore.

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True Cent/East-Euro Isn't as cheap as It used to be, obviously tourist spots like Prague can be as expensive as the West, but even In this city you can find cheaper local places.

If you steer clear of the tourist cities, learn a little of the local language, you can still find decent places to punt.

Like Brno Cz Rep, Poland Is cheap, but can be hard work, Lviv Ukraine Is unknown to many westerners, but the further you go east the more you need to learn some Russian.

Parts of Romania are still cheap, Bucharest obviously has attracted to many free spending tourists, some might say you could find Romanian girls In Germany for less. Moldova Is a small country that Is relatively unknown.

Bulgaria can be fairly cheap, though the resorts of Golden sands and Sunny beach are run by mafia, and prices are fixed, Sofia you can find escorts from about €45 a hour.

Ukraine Is still a good option, sure some agencies In Kiev are charging western rates, but that's only because some fools are paying It.

Have you had a read of plenty of new reports, and general Info.

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