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From New evidence devastates govt sex worker laws

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From the website:

New evidence devastates govt sex worker laws

New evidence has been published which fundamentally undermines the government's arguments in favour of criminalising those who pay for sex.

The research comes from Vancouver and was conducted by the University of British Colombia. It found a direct correlation between criminalisation and increased violence against sex workers.

The research is highly problematic for the government, which intends to create a new offence of paying for sex with someone who is controlled for gain and introduce new powers to close brothels in the upcoming policing and crime bill...

...It also concluded that criminalising clients would not stop the sex industry and that it would be pushed underground, making it more difficult for migrants working in the UK sex industry to assert their rights in relation to both clients and employers.

Taken together, the research provides a devastating critique of the government's policy platform, which was based on an attempt to end the trafficking of women into the UK to work in the sex industry.

The Vancouver research found the factors causing a prevalence of violence could be "stemmed by decriminalising the sex industry".

Read it all here.


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Anyone remember the 'weapons of mass destruction' and the stupid Iraq war which we can't get out of? Yep! Same with this. As long has there's HH and the Met they will ignore anything that does not match their ideology.

Its easy criminalising clients than going after gun totting EE gangs as demonstrated by the robbery last week in Central London.

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