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Attack warnings from Scot-PEP - Glasgow

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We have received word of a serious assault on an escort in Glasgow. She has been hospitalised following an assault by a client and two of his friends. He is alleged to be Scottish and gave his name as Richard W***e. It is believed that the police are aware and looking for him. We do not have any more information but wanted to pass this on; if you know anything more please let us know so that we can circulate it (you will not be named).

We have also received word of another man to steer clear of. This man allegedly contacts escorts through the Sport and through *********, claiming to be a male escort who is seeking to work with you. He is described as Irish, 31 years old, calling himself Andy, 5'11", with blue eyes and dark brown hair. He is allegedly very charming at the beginning but you are warned not to be fooled - an escort said that he has no intentions of working and only wants to humiliate and abuse. Again if you have any more information to add please let us know. We think that he might also be based in Glasgow, but don't know for sure.

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