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The Mysterious Case Of Ella/stephanie In Paddington

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Hi chaps

One for those of you who enjoy some sleuthing.

I've been intrigued for some time by this girl.

I'm sure she used to go by the name of Melissa a few years ago. She got some average reviews on c69. Nothing on Pnet until very recently, when she got an excellent review

Before setting up what looks like an independent site earlier this year she was at Agency Barracua and Agency Allure. Allure dropped her 6 months ago, Barracuda have not.

Twice in 2010 I arranged an appointment via Agency Allure to see her and twice she cancelled as I was making my way there due to being "ill".

Once I saw her independent profile I tried again. This time no response to voicemail. I was about to give up....

Anyway in the last week she has suddenly cropped up at some of the established London agencies with some new photos and her Barracuda have been updated.

As much as I want to see this girl my scam-radar is beeping. Why?

Well firstly 3 failed attempts to see her so far.

Second some of the details given on the agency sites don't match up e.g. her Best escort 4 U profile lists her at Kensington, which is certainly not Paddington, also her profile here at:

She is still down as Melissa and is based in Mayfair, of course that might not be her fault - after all the Agency might be using bait and switch with her photos.

Thirdly when it comes to the London Agencies I tend to only really trust ATOC and Bunnies. And she is with neither of those two.

So am I been overly paranoid? Any thoughts from anyone? Or has someone else actually seen her?


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I do remember this girl from years back from the barracuda website. I've not seen her, i thought she was expensive at £180 or £200. She certainly isn't 21 years of age (the 1st review on the barracuda website is dated 2006), probably closer to 30.

My advice is to book, go and see her, if she isn't friendly or what you expected, then think with your brain, not your dick and leave without anything being paid.

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I saw her around 4-5 years ago, though I think she's had a boob job since then. She was very pretty, though her skin was not quite as smooth and unblemished as the photos suggest. But overall I found it hard to engage with her as a person - she remained quite distant and reserved throughout our time together, and not surprisingly, this was reflected in her performance (which did include all the standard services including OWO).

Now, it may be that I caught her on a bad day, or that she simply didn't much care for me (though I did try my best to be friendly with her), or that she's improved substantially since then. Certainly the fact that she's still around suggests she's capable of delivering a much better experience than I had when I saw her. So maybe my remarks are unfair and don't properly reflect what she can do. Will be interested to see what others might have to say.

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