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If You Are Going To Tell Lies And Be Silly......

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Just had a phonecall. He wanted an appointment tonight.

Ok says moi..... and checked a few things first.

Then he asked for my postcode which I happily gave him. He "found a pen and wrote it down"

I had a tiny doubt about him because tho he was English he couldn't

pronounce my name, he didn't know the fee

and said it didn't matter anyway :unsure: He also sounded a bit

too cocky if you pardon the pun.


I asked him to read back the postcode.

He couldn't.

I got rid of him.

He is now sending me extremely juvenile messages which, if I had not heard his mature voice

I would swear they were from a 12 year old.

I suppose it is Friday night though......... the city is awash with stag parties.


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