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Hello Ladies and Gents,

First post and could use a bit of knowledge. I will shortly be heading on an extended business trip and have 36 hours all to myself in London. Very much looking forward to it. As it is a short period of time, I would greatly appreciate any recommendations from the better versed locals. As London has a massive base of ladies, I will list some info to help narrow down the field.

I prefer to spend time with a British lady (the accent...owns me) in the range of 20-30ish. It would be great if she were fun loving, classy, enthusiastic and able to hold an intelligent conversation as I am looking for someone to go out with as well as the usual activities. Under the right circumstances I would be willing to spring for up to 12 hours ( provided I don't have to sell a kidney to afford it). I have had my eye on Charlotte and Soozie from maxesangels as well as Laura on UKsugarbaes. They have the look to catch the eye. I am also staying at a newer hotel on Euston if that helps.

Any information would be greatly appreciated

Much Thanks!

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