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A Sure Thing In Tokyo Shinjuku

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Stumbled across this place when I was ratassed the other nite :o

It's a hostess bar called Edo (江戸)Conprexwith the 2nd word written in English. It's in the Umemura Building at the corner of Shiyakusho Dori as marked on the following Google Map (3rd floor if I remember rightly)

Enlarge the map so you can print out (one b4 the largest size). The arrow on the map points to the Shinjuku ward office. Just look north from there 2 marked buildings up, SW of the traffic signals is the Umemura building :)

As in a lot of hostess bars these days, you pay in advance when you enter. I went on the nite b4 a public holiday so it cost 5000 yen for the first hour, which includes Korean shochu or cheep Japanese whisky. If you say you want beer b4 u enter, they may oblige. On weekdays you should get in for only 3000 yen.

There were about 20 girls working here, all attractive, aged 18-30. The odd thing was that girls kept leaving with customers which is not the usual system in J-hostess bars. I asked the waiter for a Chinese girl since they had a mixture of both Chinese and Japanese girls there.

The first girl was about 30 and sexy but far too pushy, not my type. She told me the girls working there do not get regular pay but make money going with customers in nearby love hotels. She wanted 30,000 which is like 220 squid at current exchange r8s witch is fuckin crazy so I deffed her out. Girls change every 20 minits (you can't choose which one) and the 2nd girl was also Chinese but 25 and milder. She repeeted the same spiel, 30,000 for ST. You can choose your own love hotel and I have seen places nearby for only 2000 for an hour which of course you have to pay. She asked for a lady drink at 2000 yen for which she gets a small %. She added that, for 3000 yen, you can have as many girls as available come sit with you and that 3000 yen includes drinks for the whole lotta them. I gave her 1000 yen tip instead whcih she pocketed surreptitiuosly.

3rd girl was also Chinese but best of the lot, even gave me her phone number without me asking for a priv8 encounter. I offered her 1000 yen tip but she used it to get a disgusting looking soft drink in a champagne glass.

I was with her quite a long time and when the Japanese manager (called Yama) came over to tell me my time was up, I had been in the bar almost 90 minits. I asked if it really cost 30,000 yen for ST and he said if you take a girl out for 2 hours then yes, otherwise 20,000 yen which is still a lot but is the going r8 in Tokyo for an ST with a girl you can actually meet and talk to first (usually u have 2 choose from a foto).

Ok I speak Japanese and Mandarin but a group of 3 white Americans came in while I was there and 1 of them spoke a bit of Japanese but his buddies never

I felt pretty safe in this bar, Yama and the J-guys working there look kinda scary but r in fact very nice chappies when you talk to them. The bar is almost certainly owned by the yakusa but so is everywhere else in Kabukicho.

If you decide to go there, I recommend you take a taxi coz the area is crawling with African touts who are difficult to shake off. Their job is 2 take u 2 a rip-off hostess bar with English-speekin foreign hostesses where you will be overcharged and possibly drugged and robbed b4 being thrown out on2 the street in a heap :( Just ask brother Jojosun ;)

Here is the adress of the bar in Japanese

新宿区歌舞伎町一丁目市役所通り梅村ビル 江戸Conprex 3f

Enjoy. 20,000 for an ST is still 2 expensive 4 a cheepsk8 charlie like myself :lol:

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