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Poor Bloke Crying Due To Wg Mistreatment.

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Was reading a field report ages ago. My recollection of it is hazy but it was by a bloke who had ordered 2 girls for an outcall. He said that the girls just messed around and took the piss and only serviced him half-heartedly and not to a satisfying conclusion. I think he then said he wasn't happy and was going to complain to the WGs' agency because it just wasn't good enough. He had paid hundreds of pounds for the punt. They then started calling him a fat, sad old bastard who had to pay women for sex. At this point the bloke was crying and asked for his money back while these astonishingly cold-hearted girls continued to laugh and poke fun at him, and then left with their money.

What are your thoughts on this? Be honest, do you think the bloke was a bit of a wuss for crying or do you feel sorry for him? I feel a bit bad for him myself, he is a human being FFS. Standing there bollock-naked and crying while two girls are poking fun at him. It probably flushed his confidence and self-esteem down the crapper for a good few years and left him shaken.

Have you ever been very upset due to being mistreated by a WG? The reason I ask is that we quite frequently hear WGs' traumatic experiences of punters climbing on top and revealing a preponderance of putrid knob cheese absailing down their cock - but the above field report is the only recounting I've seen of a bloke admitting WGs brought him to tears.

Say NO to punter abuse.

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