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Why Don't More Blokes Take Their Money Back And Leave?

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Have just read multiple field reports by blokes complanining about the girls providing cold, mechanical, barely stimulating sex. One girl even slapped a bloke's hand away when he went for a feel of her boobies, barking "no touching!", and another yelled at a punter that he was an "ignorant bastard" because he had the audacity, the sheer temerity to mention he was going to complain to the agency that she wasn't performing satisfactorily.

One of these field reports also mentions that the only time the girl showed enthusiasm was when she was saying, "Goodbye." Pretty obvious why, she'd just scored a cheeky hundred quid for keeping her eyes closed for a minute and disallowing all touching.

So, my question is, why are blokes so afraid of saying, "Hang on a minute, I'm not happy with this", and taking their money back? Men are giving these girls hundreds of pounds at a time and it really does start to look like the easiest job in the world when you can say no touching, no kissing, handjob only etc and recite that the "website is wrong" when a punter pulls you up that your advert says you do activites you're now claiming are barred.

Thoughts would be most welcome!

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