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Ipswich Update

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After the recent raid at Angels parlour in Woodbridge Road it appears that the punting scene in Ipswich is being closed down or being driven underground. The local papers have now removed the Personal Services section in their Ads columns. It probably won't be long before Cleos/Alexs closes and that will be that for parlours. Personal ads will now only appear in a few newsagents windows and on **. Since the Steve Wright killings the streets have been cleared, the parlours closed and many 'brothels' raided and closed. Gone are Top Hat & Tails, Oasis, Aquarius and many others. There is an application in for a pole dancing club at the old Fire & Ice establishment - I can't see that being approved. Looks as if Ipswich lads will be having to travel further afield for their punts in future.

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