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In Search Of Multi Orgasmic Ladies In Mk, Greater London And Vicinity

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For me what matters a lot during a punt is to see the lady enjoy also, because if she is enjoying then her service is natural and not mechanical. What better confirmation of seeing a lady enjoy than to see her come and not fake it? I know that many ladies enjoy without necessarily reaching orgasm but the watching her reach the big O in front of your own very eyes is very exciting and rewarding for me. If the lady is multi orgasmic, then that is the ultimate thrill for me.

I have been a regular punter over the years but I have only ever come across one lady that genuinely had multiple orgasms. That was the wonderful Ariel at the House of Divine. She has long gone since.

Are there any more such ladies in the punting scene that can reach an orgasm say 2-3 times in half an hour? It would be great to visit such a lady in the Milton Keynes or Greater London areas or within their vicinity.

Please kindly advise me.

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