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Massage With Hr In San Francisco

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Does anybody know about the sensual massage scene in San Francisco?

Does it have the Thai/Chinese massage shops like here where you can get a happy ending?

What are the best places to go and what prices do they charge?

I'm in SF next month.

Many thanks...HS

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I was in the USA last year, and was in SF for a few weeks. I was rather unimpressed with both the punting and sensual massage scene there, unfortunately.

Some sites you may find useful, while punting in the USA:

Most ladies require you to have an account on one of the above sites, together with references, before they'll let you book them. If you have any regular ladies you see in the UK, I'd ask them to make an account and add a reference for you. You'll find it much cheaper and less time consuming than trying to arrange it while in the USA. Also, do not be surprised if the first thing you're asked is if you're in law enforcement. I find having a Brit accent helps here though.

In the USA, what you're looking for are usually referred to as AMPs (Asian Massage Parlours), or spas (if the ladies are not exclusively Asian).

AMPs can be rather hit or miss. Two that were recommended to me were CEO Massage (130 Bush Street, SF) and Nikki's (1173 Sutter Street, SF).

I believe it was $60 "entrance" fee to get a room, and then $40 to the girl for a nude massage. Happy ending was $20, with some girls offering oral (+$20) or even full service (+$50). Some girls charge more, others less.

The service itself didn't last more than 30 minutes in most cases and the massages themselves were all second rate, with the happy ending was usually done without much enthusiasm. All this in rather poor, cramped rooms. I tried two different girls at CEO and one at Nikki's before giving up.

There was another AMP, just inside China Town, which I gave a try rather late one night. They had some real stunners standing near the door as I walked past, which is what drew me in. It was $120 for time with a girl of your choice in their hottub room. The hottub was great, but the girl lacked the usual Asian enthusiasm, which spoiled things somewhat. It was late, so I'm afraid I don't recall the name or address of the establishment. But I'm sure you'd see it if you took a stroll through China Town.

My advice to you is to do what I ended up doing; go to one of the many legit massage spas, and get a proper massage in the afternoon, and then book yourself a well-reviewed escort off one of the sites above for the evening.

Legit massage place I can recommend is Royal Thai Spa (685 North Point St.). THIS IS A LEGIT PLACE ONLY - DO NOT ASK FOR HAPPY ENDINGS, ETC. YOU'LL JUST GET INTO TROUBLE.

They have a website here:

They do have lovely Thai ladies, who all provide an excellent service. I can recommend the traditional Thai massage, the oil massage and the hot rock massage. By the end of my time there I'd become such a regular that they offered me a "four-hands massage" (two ladies), as the one girl was a trainee. It was definitely a very decadent massage session, but ONLY massage. You'll be naked for it, but the ladies will keep your bits covered with a towel/sheet the whole time.

For dessert in your hotel room afterwards, the only bookmark I have that still works is for this lady:

My notes say it was expensive, at $250 for the hour, but well worth it. Typically, you can expect to pay $150 upwards for an outcall to your hotel room.

Beware scams and undercover cops! Only go with well-reviewed escorts.

All-in-all, my time spent in the USA made me appreciate how good we have it in the UK!

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I was in the USA last year, and was in SF for a few weeks...

Thank you very much for your detailed information. It is most helpful, if a little depressing.

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