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Dangerous Punter In Brum

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seen a punter who had a booking with me we went up stairs by the way he grab both my ass cheeks while I was going up the stair's thought gosh but just thought he must be really was just horny, once we got in my bedroom he took down he's bottoms does not wear any boxer shorts , he then whispered to himself that he wants to fuck me up the ass of course I heard what he said and this is not the service I was offering to him, then he told me he wanted to look at my ass turn around he kept saying but I did not do what he wanted, he then pushed me on the bed and also fell on top of me while holding both my hands down as well so I couldn't get up. I getting really scared by now and told him he was hurting me so then I just said to him that my sister was in the next room and so not to make much noise when I said that he got up pulled up hes bottoms said he as got to get the money from he's car and drove away. I looked down because I felt wet and he cummed all on my panties. to tell you the truth I didn't give a dam that he left without paying just glad I didn't get really hurt by him. he as since changed he's number because he as contacted me by text to say he wants to pay me but I know he only wants to hurt me so do not answer back . hes mixed race very light skinned, young about 26 yr s old gold gold teeth wears a grey hat jogging bottoms. sugerx

first number 07824386***


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