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Leggy Brunette A Levels A Must London?

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Hi guys,

I'll be in London for the coming weekend. I've seen some of the oriental girls there and have had many positive experiences. This time I would like to try something different (but have no experience with non-oriental escorts in London).

I'm on the lookout for a nice lady with long legs, nice full boobs and preferably brunette hair (blonde would be ok as well). Service-wise I'm looking for someone more PSE than GFE and A-Levels are a must.

I found these girls who look very interesting but couldn't find much feedback on them.

Bia - Xcort Files

Julia - Bunnies of London

Mia Flores - Annas Angels

Ella - Hot Collection

Has anyone seen one of the above? Or can someone help out a visitor with a recommendation along those lines?

Much appreciated!


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I see you have Mia Flores on your list. I'm interested in her too but most of those photo's look as if they went through some heavy photoshop work. I was interested in another girl (or at least I thought so) called Janetta who looked very similar but appeared to be more rounded. Mia / Foxy were on a bunch of sites and Janetta was on others. But then I discovered some overlapping pics proving they were all the same girl.

Here's your link: - take a look at the photo at the bottom with the cat suit, that looks authentic.

Here is that photo elsewhere: - Same girl in the catsuit but a bit bigger (still looking good) in the last photo.

Here she is again:

And finally:

Now I would take either girl, but which one is closest to reality?

Any photo can be unreliable - there's another site that has two girls who could be twins. They look very similar, have the same nationality, age, height, weight & figure. The only difference is bust size. The only way to tell would be to meet them.

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thx Papillion and downandup for these pointers. I think Mia Flores aka Janetta is a bit to heavy for my taste so she's off the list.

It's a shame Lara doesn't work at HOD on any of the days I'll be in London - oh well maybe on a another visit.

Has anyone else gotten any recommendations for a girl with similar looks (and good service)?



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