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Corus Boy

Funny Or Sad

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I just posted on the RO thread but thought it might be worthy of its own thread.

Those things that have happened to you, on the way to, meeting, during or leaving an appointment.

I'll start with my giving oral experiences;

Lying back drinking her glass of Champagne, which was strangely rather sexy. :rolleyes:

Texting on her phone, a real turn off. :angry:

Answering her phone to chat with a friend that I knew, very sexy, as I joined in on speakerphone. :rolleyes:

Lighting up a cigarette, I got up and gave up. :angry::angry::angry:

Fell asleep, I felt very inadequate but when I stopped she groaned and told me to carry on as it was a nice way to fall asleep! :P

Ripping the rail off the headboard, I can't believe I was that good but it was quite exciting at the moment B)

And to end, mentioning someone elses name. :(

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