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Ipad Apps.

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I downloaded a free app, called Planetary, a couple of days ago and Im enthralled by it. I dont know how long it will take to get bored with it though.

Its a music managment app, when you load it, it samples your ipod music collection then puts all the artistes in alphabetical order. Each letter of the alphabet is given a galaxy, each artiste is given a sun, each album is given a planet and each track on the album is given a moon orbiting the planet. When you want to play a tune, select a galaxy, then a sun, then a planet and then a moon, everything is in graphic form so when a tune is selected you see the moon whizzing round the planet and the planet orbiting the star you can change the view, angle, speed and scale in which you veiw it. You can set it to play playlists or just put it on shuffle.

It doesnt matter what music you play while watching it, its a bit hypnotic and slightly mind blowing. From ac-dc to Yazoo its very good.

The reason I may get bored with it is Im using it so much.

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