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Beware of Russian guy in Coventry.

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Not sure if he is a Russian, but speaks Russian as well as fluent but broken English. I think he mostly targeting girls from EE, as he asked her if she got a non-English girlfriend for his friend.

In short:

One of my friends arranged an appointment with him in the hotel. Seemed very polite. I don't know if she checked if he is in the room, prior arriving, as she was very upset to talk about whole thing. He met her near the hotel, which she never asked him to, and asked he to go with him in his car so they can drive to "his much nicer apartment" instead of staying in hotel. She did not, walked to her car, while he was chasing and grabbing her arms roughly in the car park of the hotel, then she drove off. He followed her on his for a while (number plate was noted), but eventually left at the junction.

Nothing exactly happened, but could have! Sorry for speculation, but it looked that way according to her. Just please be cautious. His number: 0776....8464. Here is a description, just in case: Very slim, about 5'5-5'7, shaved head, dark brown eyes and quite dark skinned. (not that I think this description needed)

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I've received more information from her, since I posted last message.

She did not checked if he booked in to the hotel, and did not called to his room number to find if he is there.

He said: that he booked hotel, and going to to check in the room in about 20 min time, so by the time she will travel to him (about 20-30 min), he will know room number and will SMS or call her. Yes, it was very naive from her to travel without knowing if he is staying in the hotel.

He never sent her SMS, she arrived and called him again to find out the room number, he answered and said that he is already outside the hotel and going to meet her there.

We are sure he never booked the hotel in the first place, and just was using it as a meeting place. Hotel is Ramada in Coventry. His car was not parked in the hotel parking either.

He thought that she will travel on the train, or a taxi, as that what she told him, but she drove herself. According to her, he could not see where she parked also when he met her.

As I said before I don't want to speculate, but I don't think what might happened to other girl, who arrived herself and decided go on his car with him, god knows where.

They way she told me about him, he sounds extremely dodgy, if not damn dangerous! I can not post more details what she told me, as she asked me not to, however all above I am sure is enough, to be cautious for other girls who might encounter him.

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