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Any info I travel end of November.


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The Spanish are very fond of this hobby and as you might expect there is everything from rough-and-ready street action with West African and Nigerian girls providing the 'bottom end' of the market, through to elegant creatures who work as models or in offices and turn a few outcalls a week at €400.

There are also 'clubs' where you buy expensive drinks for the ladies then adjourn to a room upstairs. An evening at one of these can turn out quite a bit more expensive than you had planned.

In the middle of the range, and my own preferred option, are the brothels where five or six girls operate in a central apartment. You can still get covered BJ and satisfactory sex for €30 or €40 here, obviously paying more for a two-pop session or for 'A' which the locals call 'Griego', Greek.


SW action in the Casa de Campo - urban park, keep your wits about you - or the Calle Montera between Gran Via and Puerto del Sol.

Expensive escorts - just one of several sites: http://www.escortsin...php?language=en

Large Club, much frequented by better-heeled locals:

and there's also the well-known Flowers Park out in a Northern suburb, and one called Air Factory, google these for directions.

My favourites - central, clean, reasonably priced and sometimes a real Spanish girl as a change from South American or EE:


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Many thanks,

I'll report back shortly!



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i'm here at the Madrid toy conference! address :no 11 ring the bell

3 girls, no english speaking but the maid was fluent, other ladies were a bit rough but Rebeca was hot, gorgeous, horny up for everything 50 euros, 2 pops, kicked the back doors, deep, shot my fat within 5 mins, showered and onto the second round sex in several positions had to take her ass again in doggy and missionary.

removed the condom and stood on the bed, she spat on my cock, and wanked me off onto her face! She wasnt expecting another massive load! :eek:

Showered and left. address : no 10 up the stairs to the first floor, door on the left! (Not the right door which is lit up, very embarrasing)

3 girls went for the fit blonde, very enthusiastic, wanted to suck me bare back but I somehow managed to resist. 30 euros for a 20 min quickie, tried it on with griego but it was extra 20 euros, I didnt have time! various positions, got her to play with my balls while I wanked over her face. Fantastic! Showered and left.


ps I've just had my gardasil shots, doc recommended it based on my activities. you'll need a private prescription £95 per shot from superdrug, protects against most genital warts, throat cancer and some nasty HPV's you wouldnt want to take home! Potential benefits, even if you have already been exposed to the virus, so the doc said!

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Anyone used "grandmoulinrouge" DOT com in Madrid? They chage €300/hr in or out call plus taxi, have some impressive chicks.

I prefer to use an agency as I am going to be there for only 3 days. Any recommendation for a reliable agency / agencies would be appreciated - prefer to pay around 200/hr.

Also, is is easy for the girl to a hote? I am thninking of booking Hotel Praga or Ganevit but, do not know whether any of these are awkward or not. I have seen good reviews for these hotel in the guidebokks and also they are very cheap (around UK £330 incl. flight and breakfast) for the dates I am in Madrid - October

Or, any classy independents 22 - 26; slim but, not stck; natural boobs - b or c cup and prefereably a real student - spaniard my desire. yes, i am fussy!

Thanks in advance.


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A great place called new girls off the grand via! Fill your boots!

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I when I go to Madrid, I usually consult this local forum with opinions about clubs, recommendations and advice:
If you do not speak Spanish, you can use the translator ;)

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Off to Madrid later this week. I heard they have big clubs similar to German FKKs which I love but doesn't seem to be any mention of that aspect of the industry above. Appreciate, they are unlikely to be as good as FKKs but is there anywhere similar? I'm personally looking for somewhere I can go late afternoon and stay until the early hours and hopefully enjoy 3 or 4 sessions. Quality and quantity are high on my agenda. Does anything along these lines exist? If so, what is the going rate (only looking for OWO and sex in my sessions). Ideally, wish to avoid paying "ladies drinks". 

As a fallback option, some good brothels with a choice of say 5-6 girls? 

Outcall back to my hotel isn't an option on this occasion. Thanks for any tips and I will of course report n my findings. 

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No responses to my request (is it me or is this board a lot quieter) but got some leads from ISG and this is what I got upto:

Wednesday 8 March

I was planning on visiting Vive in the evening and was unsure whether to visit Placermadrid but my sightseeing took me to that part of town (is not too far from the city centre) so decided to call. The maid spoke good English and was able to guide me to the house. It is just off Jorge Juan Road and nearer the end with the big aerial tower.

Nice place and was taken upstairs to a room and the 4 girls who were available came to see me individually. In some ways, it reminded me off some of the nicer suburban English brothels I've visited in the past. From the website, it seems they were Kelly (brunette Brazilian), Penelope (tall slim from Paraguay), Tina (Dominican Rep) and Paula (busty Argentinian MILF). The girls were not as attractive as the website suggests but overall quality was reasonable. Would normally have gone for Penelope but she had braces on her teeth; Tina was interesting as I haven't had many black girls; Kelly gave a bad vibe and so I plumped for Paula as she gave the best vibe and groped my cock through my trousers. The big tits also helped. She was be around 40 so definitely MILF category and not something I would usually go for. Her English was non-existent but that was not an issue.

She took me to the bathroom to wash my cock which seems to be standard practice as it happened on each punt in Madrid. Back to the bedroom which was clean and also homely, gave her E50 and we were away. Most of the session consisted of her pampering me with lots of foreplay, nuzzling and a good blowjob, varied pace and angles and ball licking. For some reason, I just couldn't cum (possibly the long flight and walking around town had left me wary) and despite her efforts the 30 minutes had passed without culmination. No reflection on her or her efforts and I was still having a nice time, so much so, I decided to extend for another 30 minutes. 

Funnily enough, I was close to cumming fairly quickly into the second half hour but resisted but then lost my erection and couldn't get going again. With 15 minutes to go, I gave up on cumming and instead Paula gave me a soothing massage for the rest of the time and I think I may even have nodded off before the knock on the door indicated time was up. Cost E90 and a very pleasant experience.

Later that night, went to Vive at around 11 pm, perhaps slightly earlier. Once I got my bearings, I realised it was near the Bernabeau Stadium and not too far from my hotel. Just walked in with no entry fee requested. Were around 50-60 girls. Generally in their 20's or early 30's and a nice mix of Latina and Romanians. Was expecting higher quality based on comments on the board and it certainly wasn't wall to wall stunners. General quality comparable with Frankfurt FKKs. The best looking half dozen or so girls are probably on par or thereabouts with the equivalent best at FKKs. The outlay actually reminded me of Premiere in Hyatt Regency in Dubai as the girls are dressed alike (mainly dresses but trying to emphasise cleavage and legs) and it was a similar set-up except that there are rooms on the premises where you go with the chosen girl and the prices are fixed. The price is E120 for 30 minutes which is a lot more expensive than FKKs but not massively out of kilter with London and a lot cheaper than Dubai as an in-house 30 min option with good looking girls isn't generally available in Dubai and you're more likely to spend closer to E400 in Dubai for an equivalent girl for 2-4 hours.

Was approached by several girls but bided my time before I was seduced by a good looking, busty Brazillian called Erika who had mixed race / mulatto features and was in her mid-20's. She had a sparkling, happy outlook so it was an easy sell. Before going to the room, I paid E120 at reception and I think the house keeps 20. I think it is E230 for an hour? Room was perfectly fine.

Erika undressed to reveal a fantastic pair of natural melons which I had assumed were fake so I obviously spent an age appreciating them with my face and mouth. I then lied down, some nice foreplay ensued before Erika delivered a fantastic blow job. It wasn't too long before I came and I thought I had shot in her mouth but somewhere along the process she had slipped on a condom. It is a testimony to her skills that I didn't notice.

I decided to call it a night. That is one crucial difference between FKKs and nightclub type places. FKKs have comfortable surroundings to relax between sessions with sofas and sauna type facilities whereas I didn't fancy standing around in a bar for a couple of hours waiting for the next wind.

Thursday 9 March

Took a cab to Whiskeria Estark which is by Diana Plus Hotel. It seems to be on the outskirts of Madrid or near some industrial estate. The cab cost around E23 which is something to bear in mind if the choice is between Whiskeria or Vive. WE has lower prices and 30 minutes costs E50. Again, walked in and was no entry fee. Was around 11 pm when I got there and were perhaps 30-40 girls. It is a lot smaller than Vive and the quality is also a notch or two below. The girls are dressed more skimpily. Some in lingerie. The club has a more earthy feel and reminds me of Kubu in Dubai.

One girl immediately took my breath away who I later discovered was a Romanian called Ionna or Joanna. She looked very similar to one of my all-time favorite girls from FKK Oase. Jennifer who was a Romanian claiming to be from Madrid, with a dark complexion, slim without any fat but a nice shapely figure rather than straight up and down, and naturally plump lips who was just my type both looks and service wise. This girl could have been her slightly less pretty, younger sister. Unfortunately she was already occupied with another guy who whisked her away. She probably looked more Latina than the Latina girls!

The other stand out girl was a young, petite blonde, perhaps a bit of puppy fat, also from Romania called Andrea. In her early 20's and a real cutie-pie. Nice natural look and probably be cup. Wasn't a hard choice to take her to the room. You have to pay E2 as a towel fee and take the lift upstairs where the girls' rooms are situated. I get the impression, the girls actually sleep there. Andrea went straight for the blow job and was shaping to put on a condom. I asked her if she was willing to give OWO and she obliged so long as I warned her when I was going to cum, and I thoroughly enjoyed the optics of a beautifl, young woman sucking me off which is how I finished.

I went back to the bar and decided to linger for a bit as Ionna had re-appeared. Told her I was keen on going with her but needed some time to refresh. Ordered a coke which cost E9! And within 15 minutes, got tired of standing around waiting so decided to risk a blank and took Ionna to the room. Figured if I couldn't rise to the occasion, it was only E52 lost and it'd still be good to get my hands on Ionna. Another pleasant girl as all the girls I chose in Madrid were, and at my request she gave owo once she was satisfied I was clean. Was struggling a little bit with it being so soon after Andrea, so asked her to stop and had some light kissing and enjoyed feasting on her tits. This got me going again and Ionna returned to delivering a blow job and with her maintaining eye contact, it wasn't long before I came.

I left a satisfied man and made a note to come back and re-visit Ionna on my last night having confirmed she would be working on Saturday night.

Friday 10 March

Went back to Vive. Arrived around midnight and again no entry fee and it was very different. By 1 am it was packed and were perhaps 80-100 girls and a lot more men. The benefit of going earlier is the ratio is very much in your favor as local guys tend not to come until past midnight.

Was initially accosted by a fit Venezuelan brunette in a red dress. I have a much more eceletic taste in women these days but she fits the original "my type" bill but resisted the urge as I wanted to explore my options. Next up was a Romainian blonde in her early 30's in a white secretary type outfit and a slutty look rubbing herself up and down me to get a reaction. I somehow wasn't seduced and nor was I by a really super cute black Brazilian. I went to talk to a young Romanian blonde but she immediately asked me to buy her a drink which is not my modus operandi.

Every 20 minutes or so, 2 or 3 girls go on the stage and do a striptease which is a good way to inspect the goods. I was totally bewitched by this blonde girl who reminded me of former English glamour model Adele Stephens (though falling just short of that league). Further, she was dressed in a French maid's outfit and black fishnet stockings which for me is a winning combination as I've always been a uniform man. After the striptease, I waited around and she finally emerged 20 minutes later and I made a beeline straight for her. Sadly, she said she was with some guys who appeared to be regulars. I was getting tired now as didn't fancy hanging around so had a quick scout. Blonde Romanian was occupied, black Brazilian was nowhere to be seen and so I went back to brunette Venezuelan. I was tired and only fancied getting pampered with a nice blowie but she said she only did oral with a condom.

Cut my losses and decided to call it a night.

Saturday 11 March

I rarely regret the girls I choose as I even chalk the bad one's to experience and luck of the draw. I do however regret not seeing more of the real superstars I've encountered over the years. Ilona from Whiskeria Estark doesn't fall in that bracket but I certainly wanted to sample more of her wares so went there on my last night with the specific purpose of seeing her. It was past midnight when I got there and there were more girls than earlier in the week. Ilona wasn't there initially and was tempted by a big, busty Mexican simply for the reason it would be a new territory for me but as she wasn't otherwise appealing decided not to and sure enough Ilona turned up within a couple of minutes and took her straight to the room.

Blowjob was better this time as she went slower and spent a lot of time licking my shaft up and down. Was fully erect and decided to shag her as I would regret if I didn't and did her in missionary which is how I finished.

Thought about hanging around but it would have been a while before I was ready again so decided to finish on a high.

Overall, I enjoyed my downtime in Madrid and although in my opinion it is better than England, I don't think I would go there specifically for the whoring scene as it falls well short of the German FKK scene. It is a shame some enterprising type doesn't set up a FKK type club in Madrid as the combination of Latina and East European girls would be a winner. I wonder why, although it is, as I understand legal, would setting up something so blatant offend the authorities and no-one wants to take the risk of such a large capital outlay or the associated activities illegal?

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