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Virtually no chance at all I am afraid. Good luck though.

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Quote from another (non-punting) site...........

"try Malmskillinsgatan in Stockholm. If you are lucky you might have to spend some hours together with the police at the police station as it is illegal to use the services from prostitutes in Sweden."

Emphasis added......it's the punter who's doing the law-breaking....

Civilian Swedish ladies are often gorgeous and sometimes friendly :rolleyes:

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If attributed quotes from other places are allowed - this is from The International Sex Guide.......if they're not............oops........

As a fan of (civilian) Stockholm I looked-for and found this.........

The Grand Wazoo 07-03-09 03:15

Stockholm Hot Spots


Originally Posted by Member #2096


I am going to Stockholm next week and want to know what are the best places for picking up girls. I only stay in the weekdays so it might be difficult to find a place. I am looking for woman between 30-45.

Any advise since the P4P scene in sweden seems to be horrible.


1. Golden Hits (Kungsgatan). Pretty much can't miss disco with four floors of desperate/drunk party-goers and divorcees. Crowd between 25-55 and always plenty of ladies who will not leave the place alone. The shear number of women present can allow for some stunners but most are past their prime. The hotties are down the street on Stureplan but don't waste your time if you want to get laid and over 25.

2. Kickis (Kungsgatan). More bar than disco and thus easier to get contact. Only been here once myself but it is famous for easy pickings though your 'date' might be too drunk to fuck. Pretty raunchy place IMHO.

3. Alladin (Barnhusgatan by main train station). Newly renovated and has uplifted it's former cheesy reputation. Very big place and a ton of 30-50 year divorcees in large groups on the week-ends. Also you'll probably find some eastern european 'pros' hanging at the bar as this place is so called "up scale (in a cheap eastern european way. LOL), and it's close to a few hotels that I have met with pros in the past.

4. Garbos. In the surburb of Sundbyberg (approx. 15-20 minute taxi ride from center of town). Stockholm's most famous meat market. Pretty shabby place but everyone that goes here knows damn well that it's all about hooking up for a fuck. Get drunk and find a one night stand. Not much more complicated than that.

Have fun!

The Grand Wazoo

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Thanks everyone, much apreciated, I've fixed my expectations now!

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Swedish women are known for being very good looking, I might have to get my arse over there at some point, would be a bonus to hook up with a girl like http://agnescarlsson.se/ she Is well tidy! :eek:;)

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