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Mongering In Frankfurt

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Hamburg to Frankfurt

Boarded the D-Bahn train from Hamburg to Frankfurt spot on time at 10:24AM due to arrive in Frankfurt at 2:00PM.

The total cost was 71,50E including a 2.50 reservation fee for a private carriage.

Frankfurt Hotel

My hotel I had booked through HostelWorld for 40E a night and was the Hotel Elbe at Elbestraße 34, right in the heart of Frankfurts red light district. The hotel was only a 5 minute walk from the Hauptbahnhof down Taunustrasse then up Elbestraße. The streets of Frankfurt’s red light district has lots of junkies. I had to pay another 10E for a room with a view, breakfast was another 7E and 24 hour Internet was another 7E. I was here for 2 nights so want my monger comforts.

Rotes Haus - Romanian Beauty

Laving the hotel I noticed the Rotes Haus at the junction of Elbestraße with Taunusstraße, this area is also known as the Bahnhofsviertel. I took a peep inside. One girl from Romania stood out, in my book she was a 10 and I knew there and then I had to fuck her. She was perfect, the kind of girl I was hoping to meet. I could see through her bra she had gorgeous natural C cup tits. Her bra was maybe 3/4 cut yet the Areola of her nipples was spilling over. Her starting price for a good old ‘suck and fuck‘ was 30E, that bra had to come off – another 10E. The FKK experience at the Palace was calling me, even though this girl was hot, I told her "Ill be back" and made my way to the Palace....

Palace FKK

I made my way to Industriehof via the U-bahn I then found Königsberger Straße just 1 minutes walk away and there was the Palace. Inside the receptionist asked me if it was my first time? The entrance fee was 70 Euros! Ouch! the price for 30 minutes of the girls time which included basic sex would be 50 euros. Many of the girls offer extra services, there were around 60 girls working. She tell me the girls will try to seduce me, they are here to make money and not for me to just come inside and look only. Many were used to making 200 Euros a session.

Inside the Palace you are given a key and this key opens two lockers one in the reception area for your valuables and another in the changing rooms for your cloths. After you have had sex with a Palace girl you then return to your valuables locker and pay her directly.

Was cool inside, very roomy, easy lighting, right temperature, easy music and lots of totally naked girls sitting and walking around. Not too many other mongers around 5pm. It felt like I was in a.. I guess a ‘palace‘. Your entrance fee included soft drinks but would have to pay alot extra for alcohol. I guess you dont come here to drink and relax, but to relax and fuck. Once you had paid your entrance fee you can stay as long as you want with the Palace staying open until 4AM in the morning, Just sitting on the comfortable sofa’s and watching all the naked girls everywhere is well worth the money.

Two Polish Blonds

I guess to the girls it was obvious I was a newbie. Im standing around the sauna area checking it out and two young blonde Polish girls come over.They are both very attractive closeup one tall and slender the other smaller and more curvy both around 20yo. I dont think they will seduce me, but they are saying the right things and then the smaller one slips her hand into my robe and begins rubbing my cock up and down telling the other that I have a lovely hard cock! It was poking out of my robe now, they were both touching the end of it, I was so horny, I think this will be a very good first time experience in an FKK. I agree 50E each for 30 minutes fun and they lead me to one of the bedrooms.


The bedrooms are really smart, mirrors on the wall and ceilings, everything, huge firm bed. The tall one is trying to get me to buy extra services but there not offering things a monger likes, like anal sex, cum in mouth. She is offering a lesbian show, them fucking themselves with dildos etc. Im not interested but she keeps going on, the other girl was more friendly and seemed happy with the situation. Eventually the other girl got the message that as I was paying for a ‘threesome‘, I not have anymore cash for extra services, eventually we get down to business.

The cute one was giving me a covered blowjob and the tall one sat above my face and watched me watching her fucking herself with a dildo.

The best part of the threesome though was I had both of them on all fours spread across the bed fucking one of them doggy style while grabbing and slapping the other ones ass! Of course I had to change condoms but it was good fun. I had them at a slight angle to each other and their firm white buttocks touching, it was a sight to behold. Eventually I cum inside the cute one and my time was up. Was a great way to break myself into the FKK scene.

After I pay them, I take a shower and enjoy the FKK facilities, sauna and swimming pool but you have to get naked. More girls and punters were arriving now, I got chatting to this perfect 10 from Hungary unforgettable beauty, she wanted business but I was not up for it so had to let her go. Later I have a free meal in the resturant and alot of the girls were in there taking a break still completely naked.

Frankfurt Eros centers

The next morning after breakfast I explore the eros centers along Frankfurts red mile, it was early but a handful of girls working and some were nice. One Polish hooker, looked a little high was prepared to give me CIM and BBBJ for 20 Euros. I was saving myself for that Romanian girl though. Alot of the working girls though are mature Latinas with some notable exceptions. Later I take a city bus tour, get off half way and walk down the Zeil towards Breite Gasse another smaller red light district of Frankfurt. Took a look inside the eros centers there, quite busy with punters and hookers but not see anything outstanding except for an old granny who must have been in her eighties!

Later that afternoon I return to the Rotes house and my Romanian girl is lying on her bed waiting for some business. Starting price was 30 euros. Bra off 40 euros and if I wanted to suck her tits then 60 euros which she dropped to 50 euros. The blowjob she gave was good although covered very enthusiastic. she hanged her beautiful tits in my face and let me suck them good. The fuck was really good too mostly missionary. I was so hard throughout the experience with this girl.

Another area of interest is Dr Mueller’s Sex Shop along Kaiserstraße massive sex shop downstairs and sex kino upstairs with working girls who will watch porn with you with some interaction. My last night in Frankfurt just visit a few bars and clubs around the red mile, I not get ripped off but the girls working in the Eros centers were alot better and cheaper. Lots of street girls outside my hotel some underage too I think. They are mostly very damaged goods though and I left well alone. Tomorrow I would continue my journey to Berlin....

Mongering in Frankfurt - Full report

Check out the Frankfurt video

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Good report SirM, Palace sounds like fun, good job you didn't get hustled lol,

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That's FKK Palace for you. They may be charging high prices nowadays but at least the food is great.

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Out of the 3 main ones, palace, manhatten & osae in FF, which one is the best in terms of quality of girs/quantity and accessability? Thanks EZ

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