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Sheffield parlours: receptionists and websites.

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Before I travelled to Bury for my recent punt I rang Sheffield parlours just to see if there was anything worthwhile. What struck me was the contrasting ways they answer the phone and respond to queries. (And ultimately there didn't seem to be anythinh worthwhile!)

Diplomat: As usual a load of girls on, but other than names little info given. When specific queries are asked (I particularly enquired about w/s and 2 girl services, but the same goes for any enquiries) the response is invariably 'I should think they do.' This isn't good enough and shows a lack of knowledge of the girls. It doesn't help that the website is never updated. They have a constant flow of new girls but the website is almost useless. They seem to operate under the policy that if we have a load of girls on we have a good choice and that's all we need. It only needs for half those girls to be useless, which they invariably are with such poor quality control, and then the choice is drastically reduced.

Kittens: Almost the opposite attitude on the phone. Totally OTT, and almost off putting in its hard sell. You just know the girls aren't going to live up to the OTT billing of being the most stunning, raunchy wgs ever. And how come every one of them who has ever worked there is 'leggy with an all over body tan' ? No website, or if there is I can't find it. The one they used to have was, like Diplomat, useless as it wasn't updated.

Bluebelles: A better balance of info than the previous two. But if you ring regularly you will find that the descriptions of services given are always exactly the same for each girl, with the odd 'anal' thrown in. For example it would appear they all do w/s, OWO and light domination. In my vast experience this simply cannot be true for every girl. Although the website is updated, it isn't particularly useful as all girls have very blurred/hidden faces and many don't have photos at all.

GFE: Perhaps the best all round place currently in Sheffield in terms of positive reports and an up to date and relatively useful website. However the last times I've phoned at the weekend there were only two girls working rather than the three listed on the rota, so once again it isn't accurate. Again no uncovered face pics and a number of girls without any pics at all. The guy who answered the phone sounded only semi competent. It was quite funny actually as he said, 'We have X and Y and we have er, er… there are two girls working today.' Obviously he had read the rota and forgotten that someone had not turned in. Not brilliant when you're unsure of who's working!

Cameos: Again a fairly useless website. It does have a rota, but again seems fairly hit and miss. Also whilst they have a full facial pic of one girl, the rest of the pics are notable by their absence, with just written descriptions of the girls. Pretty useless these days! On the phone they are perhaps however the most sensible and down to earth - not promising ridiculous stuff as do Kittens, whilst providing more info than Diplomat. If they're unsure whether a girl provides a service they will endeavour to ask her rather than just saying they all do. Although once again this is inferior to the Manchester area parlours where they usually know immediately.

There are quite a few other parlours in Sheffield, but the ones listed are probably the main ones these days, and I can't see the quality of the receptionists or the web sites of the other places being any better.

I'm afraid Sheffield still lags significantly behind Greater Manchester (and M Keynes perhaps?) not just in terms of quality of girls, but in terms of the usefulness of the websites and the competence of the receptionists.

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Maybe there is money to be made in customer service courses for brothel receptionists? :eek:

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