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George McCoy has launched a Campaign against HH

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To my surprise I just got this e-mail, I suppose I'm on some mailing list, sounds pretty good and the cartoon he has on the site is unbeatable:

Not a week seems to go by without another scare story about the trafficking of sex workers and some politicians' solution to this problem - making it illegal for men to pay women for sex.

As someone who has been involved in the adult services industry or who has subscribed to the McCoy's members' area, you know as well as I how untrue are most of the comments made by the religious right and puritan feminists such as Harriet Harman.

The way she and her ilk describe men who use the services of working ladies reminds me of the way practicing homosexuals were regarded in the 1950's.

If such legislation is passed, one can only wonder which modern day hero will be persecuted to such an extent that he takes his own life.

We must not forget the case of Alan Turing, the computer boffin, whose work at Bletchley Park so helped in its own way to win the second world war.

I have now created a website where you can help to show the voters of this country who we should vote for, if we really believe in freedom and not this puritan feminist political correctness.

Please go to and then act on my suggestions on

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