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Several years ago I'd been taken a little short on certain supplies, and found myself on New Year's eve in Safeways in Inverness. I was certainly not wearing a suit, not even a tie, and I doubt I'd shaved.

To my surprise I suddenly noticed at the next till down there was The Lord Mackay of Clashfern , Mrs Thatcher's Lord Chancellor, purchasing two bottles of Gordon's gin. Lord MacKay was known to be a member of a Scottish sect which considered the Wee Frees to be pretty lax. He must have been an abstainer, else he'd have been excommunicated.

I caught his eye, and bowed (as they do, from the neck only). He (I hope) doesn't know me from Adam, but he bowed back, as in honour bound. I faded swiftly into the dark.

Anyone else had similar (Legal, of course, given what forum I'm posting on) encounters?

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Safeway? Is that the one that's now Morrisons?

I've had several amusing encounters which would suit this thread, but of course, I can't say anything.

Buggrit! :lol:

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Does a Foreign Secretary count?

In the days of the Wison government, was with other family (male) taking the riverside walk back from the pub. It was the eve of Miners' Gala, then a huge trad Labour jamboree.

We found George Brown, having escaped his minders and somewhat "tired and emotional". We delivered him back to his hotel and on the way were treated to full and frank opinions on capacities of the party greats.

Funny how it never occurred to inform any Tory papers!

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