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Dominican Republic 2012 Maybe?

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Im planning on visiting the Dominican republic in 2012, probably March time. Im looking at flights but looks complicated most eventually making there way to Miami and flying in from there. Except BA for around £530 but that flies direct to Punta Cana rather than Puerto Plata.

Any DR sexperts? Whats the best way to get there from London airports?

If I do fly into Punta Cana with BA, is it worth staying over in Punta Cana for a night or two?

Is it easy to get around the island would like to visit Boca Chica Santo Domingo with spending most nights in Sousa and then back to Punta Cana( if I have to go the BA way for my flight home)

Any advice greatly appreciated from my fellow UK mongers

I do hear now the crackdown has eased off now and things are returning to normal there


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Hispaniola is a surprisingly big island and you will have difficulty getting around.

Punta Cana is a pleasant resort, though dominated by the big, all-inclusive hotel/resorts. Still plenty of bars. clubs and restaurants and, as usual in the DR, plenty of available chicas.Santo Domingo is around two hours ($120.00) by taxi. Interesting place to visit; the Zona Colonial is pretty much unchanged since Columbus landed there. Not somewhere to spend a holiday really, as there is no beach to speak of. Again, plenty of bars, clubs etc and plenty of available women. Again, hotel security may be a problem.

Boca Chica is around 20 - 30 minutes by taxi from Santo Domingo. It comprises a two mile long beachfront strip of hotels, clubs, bars etc. Very lively, a little seedy. You will be regularly offered everything from women to drugs - very much in your face.

Getting to the resorts in the north, such as Sosua, Playa Dorada, Cabarete etc. is another problem altogether - it is a 4 -5 hour drive from Santo Domingo and there is no transport infrastructure to speak of. The only way would be taxi - expensive and time consuming on lousy roads or to hire a car.

The only realistic option for the north is to fly to Puerto Plata, rather than mess with traversing the entire island. There used to be an internal air service between Santo Domingo & Puerto Plata, though I'm not sure if it still operates.

Thomsons, First Choice etc all fly regularly direct to Puerto Plata for around the same price as BA to Punta Cana

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I have been to the DR about 15 times, and always go via germany with either air berlin or condor that both fly to puerto plata. another option i tried was a thomsons flight only from gatwick to POP but was the worst flight ever and never again!!

Hope that helps. Also worth reading the isg forums as it looks like Sousa has had a big crackdown in the last year on the girls there and the scene whilst still there has changed a lot.

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Guys thanks for these replies, I not realise I had them until now.

Im all booked up, flying into Punta Cana. Staying a few nights there and then taking the Bavario express to Santo Domingo, then to Boca Chica staying there a few nights. Then making my way to Sosua via the metro express and staying there for 1 week, then may fly back to Punta Cana for my flight home

Looking forward to it. I know its a bit of a jouney but on my first trip to somewhere like it to be a bit of reconn. Wonder if I will want to return?

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It is not the easiest of jouneys and I broke my journey in New York for a few days and then flew down to Puerto Plata with American from JFK. Next time I would probably spend a few days in Miami before flying down. There are plenty of good deals across the Atlantic.

There happens to be a good language school in PP so you can brush up your Spanish by day and then practise that language at night.

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Yes I was looking at the via Miami flights, but prefer direct flight even if to Punta Cana. Dont mind trying it there for a few nights

Meant to be some superstars in La Puntas and one of the nightclubs there. Not cheap though but only 1 night out of my life

Am learning some basic spanish in preparation audio cds while driving to work :-)

Some of the best whores I have been with have been from the DR so time to go direct to the source, hope they play as well or better when at home as they do away.

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Im not sure but you used to be able to fly to spain, germany, holland, france ect and get a direct flight from there to peurto plata easier that going to miami i did that last year i have been to the dr at least 12 times Sousa is my favoritie place to party and have a good time im planing to go for a month in august

there is ( or there was a bus that went daily from punta cana to sousa and caberet)

if you there are loads of really good up to date info on there with regards to the clamp down in sousa and you can post question and they will telly you how to get from punta cana to sousa

i did it a few years ago and it was around 300 peso each way

if its sousa that you wanted its probably cheaper and less hassel to do a package deal with thomson to either playa dorada or caberete and then get a hotel in sousa

mama mi guebo ( suck my dick ) is all you need to know

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mama mi guebo ( suck my dick ) is all you need to know

Nice one Paris, I will remember that one, ;) have you had guys In DR ask you to do just that? :D

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Mongering in Punta Cana

Flying with BA from London direct to Punta Cana. Punta Cana not my first choice as suppose to be popular mostly with families and couples. But being a Monogamous pair bonding but adulterous species there would be some mongering available even if not many mongers. Had booked up an apartment in the Cortecito area at Villa princessa. Apartment ok, lacking some basic kitchen utensils and tv bad interference. Lots of mosquitos too, definately need a stragegy for dealing with mosquitos in the Dominican.

Plaza Bavaro

Around 8pm ventured out, motohoncho driver to plaza bavaro was 100 pesos. Not many in the bar this time of night, but a bit later a really cute black 19yo chica joins me, very fit and she up for some fun. Wanted a $100 initially after bargaining settled on $80. Rather than go back to my apartment walked across the road to a short time hotel Sosu. $20 to rent the room. The rooms were clean and comfy they supplied the condoms too. The girl gave good service, BBBJ etc. Because she had given me BBBJ she wanted more money and was blocking the door. Was becoming a problem. In the end gave her another $10.

Walking down Calle Italia there are another two lively bars with many chicas. The first was the escape sports bar. Seems the girls here work for the bar and are for takeaway. Chatting to a cute latina but then she wanted me to buy her some champagne which I refused so she left me alone. Another bar further along, couple of sets of girls offering me threesome's. Later walked back over to the bar in the center of Plaza Bavaro being around midnight now was alot more busy. Again got a couple of offers for threesomes girls dropping to 2000 perso each. But I was tired and empty so went back to my apartment.

Punta Cana Beach

Punta Cana beach is lovely, but hard to find a recliner if you not renting a beach front condo or staying in an all inclusive. Couple of places mature black women offer massage with extras but declined. Lots of hustlers offering chicas, even some of the gift shop owners.


Cool club, Fruesa

Saturday late afternoon after checking the day scene around Plaza bavaro took a motohoncho into Fruesa looking for a club called La Punta. Its changed its name now to cool disco bar and is attached to the Bavaro 2Hotel. In the courtyard was introduced to two nice girls. Initially they wanted a $150 each and again a room in the hotel would be another $20. This is as much as I had brought with me knowing the prices here were $150, but wanted to try and was only one night out of my life. I showed the girls my wallet, no credit card and I spoke a little Spanish. They told me what I had would be enough, grabbed my arms and took me into the hotel. We booked our room and the girls ordered some beers. cigarettes and stuff.


Cool Threesome

The room was nice, big firm comfy bed, jacuzzi etc. We relax, the girls sucking on a lollipop. The little chica takes a shower and the big chica gets her tits out and I have a suck, she gets my cock out and has a suck on that. We begin fucking, im trying hard not to cum, want to fuck that little chica too who is still in the shower. We stop and both go into the shower. The little chica is in a sexy little silk bathrobe. I begin french kissing her and the big chica cocks her leg up on the sink and I fuck her doggy. We take the little chica into the bedroom. Again the big chica cocks her leg up on the table and fuck her doggy again. And then fuck the little chica on the bed. We only have the 1 condom and they let me switch between them only wiping the condom clean. Theres a knock at the door and this third chica comes in really stunning, she looking at my big erection while she steals a cigarette then leaves the room. I cum in the small chica and the door knocks again. The third chica returns again, I think she wants to join in the fun too.

I pay the girls $150 I have in my wallet, thats $75 each. They are happy, we leave the hotel together and I promise I will return. I now notice some more really cute chicas in the lobby. Next time I might stay at this hotel :-)

Punta Cana to Boca Chica

My last night in Punta Cana wanted to try the Mangu club connected to Hotel Occidental, just round the corner from the Plaza Bavaro area. But not make it. The next morning 10AM I return to Fruesa to catch the Bavaro express to Santo Domingo with them dropping me off at Boca Chica for 390 pesos. Good time mongering in Punta cana. No mongers but plently of mongering to be had, and the price does not have to be too high. Would definately pass through Punta Cana again.


Mongering map hotspots Punta Cana

Pictures I took around Punta Cana

Mongering in Punta Cana - Full report

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Boca Chica Trip Report Summary

Punta Cana to Boca Chica

Took the Bavaro Express bus from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo 10;00Am prompt Sunday morning for 380 pesos. Alot less than $175 quoted by the taxis although they were prepared to drop to $125 as I was the lone ranger. Boca Chica is just short of Santo Domingo on the same road and the bus stopped for me. Straight onto a motohoncho driver taking me to Hotel Europa.

Hotel Europa

Check into my room, overlooking the beach with a balcony for $45 a night. Happy with my new base. Two brothers run the Hotel Europa and were friendly and helpful. They warn me about the girls and all the hustlers in Boca Chica, that if I want girls they can recommend a good club, quality girls, 2500 short time or 5000 peso Tudos La Noche or long time. But I wanted to try my luck first.

For a Sunday the beach was crowded with families from Santo Domingo. Sure enough hustlers were hitting on me every step of the way. I let two take me a couple of blocks back to a casa where there were suppose to be 25 girls but once inside there was only 7 and was not impressed, not even average, hardcore tired looking. On the beach for 3 drinks got stung for 750 pesos, so no more working through hustlers for me.

Piano bar Chicas

I find the Piano bar that first afternoon along Duarte opposite Hotel Europa. Handful of girls in, most were pretty young but fat! One told me to follow her into the toilet she would give me a blowjob for 500 pesos.


At this point noticed a really cute young curvy black chica and called her over. She had sunglasses on, when I took them off she was high on drugs. I was then being hurried to take her back to the hotel. While checking her in a big Polish guy interrupted us and accused my chica of stealing two of his mobile phones. She was not to leave until the tourist police had come. I just laughed and left them to it and went back out onto Duarte.

A bar further along Duarte Route 69 had one or two sexy black chicas as well as some fat ones.


Fatties are quite abundant in Boca Chica. Alot of the mongers in Boca Chica are aged and Italian. Later back at the Piano bar struck up a deal with a cute chica and took her back to the hotel. Good sex session paid her 1500 pesos but then she got very angry as wanted 2000 pesos.

Back out into the Piano bar, the disco is on now and I am pratting around dancing with a few of the girls. Im pretty drunk and decide to call it a night. A black chica follows me out of the Piano bar and wants to come back with me. Im not interested and tell her to go back, now she wants some money for keeping me company and dancing with me in the Piano bar. I just laugh and look for somewhere to buy some water. She follows me into hotel Europa, I tell the security guard I dont want her but he does not stop her following me up to my room.

She is telling me she will give me a blowjob for 300 pesos. I enter my room and she pushes her way in. She sits on the bed, I get my cock out and stuff it in her mouth. She sucks him really good actually. As she is sucking she is slapping her own booty. She not the prettiest girl but got a good body. I bend her over the bed and fuck her doggy slapping her ass likes she wants me to do. Its fun but I cannot cum having shot my load earlier and being a bit drunk. When its over I give her 500 pesos. She wants 1000 pesos. I tell her to get out, she then picks up a beer bottle. I ring the security guard who comes up to my room. In the end I give her another 200 pesos and she leaves. Boca chica is proving challenging.

Boca Chica Beach

During the day its nice to relax on the beach and watch the day go by. Prime time is around 2pm where you get quite a few "beach walkers" chicas will come over and sit with you and if your interested you buy them a drink and talk business. Most look like they have been working the beach too long with a few exceptions.


All the recliners and umbrellas are connected to the restuarants they provide you with a menu. I stuck with De Nancy and was eating fresh fish everyday.

Thieving Chicas

At night Duarte is shut off to the traffic and tables and chairs line the road. Streetwalkers parade up and down and stop off at the various bars. I notice two slim black chicas outside Piano bar and call one of them over. For 4 hours price is 2000 pesos for 2 hours she wants 1500 pesos. So I take her back to the hotel.


She gives me great blowjob with CIM. Was surprising to see how sexy a chica can look in a tight little bright coloured dress and then only be dissapointed naked. She had some big scars, skin was a bit rough and not well toned. Paid her 1500 pesos, she leaves without a problem.

Back out to the Piano bar. Notice one or two really cute chicas but most were fat and average, hardcore looking. I had 3 hitting on me at the bar. One pulled me into her chest and held me there for a few seconds. Another chica was to the side of me. A few minutes later I realised some loose peso I had in my shirt breast pocket had gone missing. I had been pick pocketed. They denied it of course, I aggressively push the one to the side away from me and tell the others to fuck off. A bit later their Pimp comes over to me, he looks me in the eye, looks very unsavory, then just laughs pats me on the shoulder and walks off. Close.. thought things were about to get ugly.

After my experiences dealing with the streetwalkers of boca chica on my last night agreed with the brothers running hotel europa to let them take me to this sexclub they recommended. At 9PM they ring my room, but I sleep through so not make it. In the morning I leave for Sosua, taking a taxi into Santo Domingo to the Metro bus station catching the 11AM bus to Sosua.

Mongering in Boca Chica - Full report.

Boca Chica pictures

My mongering map around the Dominican

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I'm having trouble with the Boca Chica pictures link - says not found.

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Sosua Summary

Boca Chica to Sosua

Not clear how to get a bus from Boca Chica into Santo Domingo. So took a taxi direct from Boca Chica to the Metro bus station for $40

Bus leaving at 11AM to Sosua for under 400 pesos. The advantage with Metro is is stops directly on Dr Rosen whereas Caribtours is a couple of miles out of town.

Was a good day to take a coach as it rained all day the first I had seen in a week.

Rockys Condos

Arrived in Sosua and headed 2 minutes down the road to Rockys. I was staying at Rockys Condos Trade Winds.

I was met by Rick who owns Rockys a very helpful and friendly Canadian guy. Had to pay cash up front. Not sure what the problem is in the Dominican with accepting credit cards. Cost was $275 plus $100 deposit for one weeks stay

I chose trade winds over the condos opposite rockys as I thought I would appreciate the peace there more(remembering the del rey in costa rica) and it had a good swimming pool and garden. Rick drove me up to the condo and I was happy with my choice. Although through the week had a problem with the WiFi.


At least every other night I would visit Passions, only a 5 minute walk from Trade Winds.

Passions has some classy girls working inside from Afro caribbean to latinas.

I always took the inhouse option full sex, 1 hour for 2500 pesos. All my experiences with the chicas in Passions were good why I did many repeat visits. There is no messing about, very professional establishment and the quality of some of the girls was far better than any you will find along Pedro Clisante. Each night I visited you would notice some girls you had not seen before and handful you were already on talking terms with. There was always a couple of chicas you wanted a session with.

Tall Latina

My first night I took a tall latina, she gave very good service, was very affectionate. In hindsight she would have been a good chocie for taking all night or tudos la noche.

She gave the girlfriend experience although a covered blowjob.

She was the only one who could actually give a good massage. The chicas are much better at sex than massage.

Latina top girl

Weekends get alot more busy. I had my eye on a latina who was pole dancing topless, fantastic looking and perfect bodywork. More dudes were coming in and soon she would be taken. So called her over. No time for smalltalk, she agreed to come to the room.

Again another great performance, very enthusistic. During the week days plenty of girls to choose from, very little competition.

Petite Afro Caribbean

Now fancied something a bit different, so took a really pretty petite afro caribbean chica. She was very keen to please.

The rooms in Passions are good, mirrors on the wall so you can watch yourself on the bed shagging the chicas doggy. Nice showers, fans and aircon.

Moreno Chica

On my last night in Sosua heading back from the beach to my condo, took a detour to Passions arriving there around 5pm. This is when most the of the girls start there nightshift and so are fresh. You can get some daytime action in Passions with it opening at 11AM and closing around 3AM. Sat at the bar and this older chica was telling me I could do what I want to her CIM Anal.

Decided to hold her to her promise and took her for my last session. Again another very good performance, although giving some BBBJ with lots of saliva never got round to anal or CIM.

Sosua Beach

Every day I would spend relaxing on the beach. Again weekends it gets alot more busy especially on Sunday with locals. A recliner and umbrella was being charged 200 pesos, good service with food and drink there are 100s of restuarants that run parallel to the beach. I tried about 5 different ones all along the beach, all good. The beach was really nice, swimming in the sea was good to the point that not use the swimming pool at the condo, no need could do all my swimming in the sea.

Pedro Clisante

Did wander into downtown Sosua on a few nights, once or twice this was after a session in Passions, so was not feeling desperate. Another club nearby was CMP, but most chicas were average in there and too hot, stuff your not concious of in Passions. Iv never been keen on dealing with freelancers and streetwalkers even in places like Thailand. One night got chatting with the waitress in the bar outside Latinas, she would come back to my condo after work but not finish until 3AM. Way pass my bedtime, did not think it would happen. Got chatting with a bunch of chicas in a quiet bar a few blocks up Pedro Clisante, did not realise a few hours had passed by with me paying for all the beers. Wandered back down to Latinas. Got chatting to a very attractive afro caribbean freelancer at the bar, more mature a few extra pounds but lots of charisma and charming.

Would have taken her if I not already have my sights fixed on the waitress. Then they agreed between themselves for us all to have a threesome. I agreed 2000 pesos with the freelancer. So come 3AM we jump on two motohonchos back to my condo.

Sosua Threesome

In the bedroom, the waitress was a bit shy, a lacklustre performance from her, the black chica was good though, she gave me a BBBJ with lots of spitting and saliva while the waitress just watched on, she wanted extra for BBBJ performance though, to CIM she wanted 5000 pesos! We messed about on the bed for a while, changing condoms I was losing my erection, staying in the bars until 3AM had drunk a fair amount of beer too. The bed was creaky too, not ideal for a threesome considering trade winds is popular with the elderly, not an ideal mongering base for bringing the chicas back.

During sex I often stop and start, after a couple of times these chicas were using as an excuse to finsish. Ok, so I gave the black chica 2000 pesos and the waitress 1000 pesos and told them to get out! They were not going the black chica picked up the saucepan and threatened to hit me with it. I was in the mood for a fight, but had my elderly neighbours to think of, I must have already woken them all up, they were probably enjoying the early morning domestic. In the end I just paid up, to get them out. When you get into these situations with the chicas makes uncomfortable to frequent the same bars again especially when they work behind the bar, Im sure they are well connected too. I just try not to repeat the same mistakes, persistence pays off in the end, keep trying.

Passions is much more to my liking, get your rocks off in passions and then just enjoying the vibe down Pedro clisante, the beach is great too for chilling in the day, would definately return to Sosua for Passions and the beach. Next stop Santo Domingo before heading back to Punta Cana for my flight home to London.

Sosua References

Mongering map around the Dominican

Sosua Video

Mongering in Sosua - Full report

Sosua Pics

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I'm having trouble with the Boca Chica pictures link - says not found.

A few people report this, dont know why? Here is the link to the root of my albums on picasa, google is a right wanker about this sort of content

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Good reporting SirM, I like the look of the pics, but 2500 peso Isn't that cheap for a short time, Is this the going rate?

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Good reporting SirM, I like the look of the pics, but 2500 peso Isn't that cheap for a short time, Is this the going rate?

In the passions there is no negotiating on the price. So is fixed there, but downtown with all the freelancer its an open market, short time can be had for 1000 pesos long time 2500.

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** Sousa my favourite place im hoping to head there in January for 6 weeks and visit friends and family and spend many nights partying

its definatly my favorite place to party and have a good time glad to hear that you had a good time though

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Sosua to Santo Domingo

Took the 11AM bus from Sosua to Santo Domingo with metro. Arrived in Santo Domingo around 3pm and jumped into a taxi to Hotel Riazon

on Av Independencia for 200 pesos. Hotel Riazon is $60 a night and chica friendy located in an area of Santo Domingo with the highest concentration of clubs and casinos.

Baby Dolls

I first tried baby dolls club along the Malecon next door to Foxys. Was late afternoon and about 5 girls inside, little hardcore but above average, they wanted 3500 pesos

for takeout which I think is expensive but seems to be the price in the clubs. Was tempted and all the girls were rubbing my cock through my jeans trying to tempt me.

Av Pasteur Sky High

Later that night I tried the Sky High club down along Av Pasteur. Not impressed with the girls, about 8 chicas stood around me all looking tired bored and totally uninterested. All around Av Pasteur area are lots of hustlers trying to take you to clubs you already know about. Your prices will likely be higher if they think they have to pay the hustler some commission. I must admit to not having done much research for Santo Domingo, thought I would do it on the road. Well I was in the right hotel and seemed I only needed this mongering map of Santo Domingo.

Calle El Conde

I visited a few of the casas listed on the map but could not find them or they were gone. I wandered down Calle El Conde, popular 24 hour restuarant on the corner did have a maturer black freelancer wanted some business, but was not interested. Another chica who spoke english caught me looking at her and come over, I not had my phone on me or pen or notepad, so she took my facebook handle

She had to goto work so could not come with me there and then.

Calle Cervantes Massage

Later a hustler around Av Pasteur took me to a massage parlour at no 2 Calle Cervantes, about half a dozen girls inside, one was really nice so chose her, 1 hour massage was 1200 pesos. Massage was excellent, a strong well built latina girl. On my front I had a full erection which she was touching she them offered me full sex for an extra 1000 pesos. Had a really good session with her on the massage table, but she not let me suck her puff nipples and the blowjob was covered. Outside I gave the hustler 100 peso tip and he now had his motobike with him and wanted to take me around the casas. But was releived now so declined his offer.


My last night in Santo Domingo was in the Jaragua casino for a couple of hours playing roulette, a few freelancers in there, but nothing special, Some of the hostesses are lovely though but need to speak fluent spanish, they bring you over free drink and food as long as your gambling.


Checked out the Dollhouse, thought this might be really upmarket with some really hot girls, but was dissapointed, after paying an entrance fee was sat down and just one girl dances at a time, the best girl I saw was a latina an 8 at most, she come over to me and asked if I wanted some company, but declined, i read in here it was 200 dollars a chica. I wandered back along Av Independencia, almost deserted I was going to try the 305 club and hope to take a girl on my last night from there. But not make it and stopped off at my hotel and fell asleep.

The next morning took the Bavaro express from Juan Sanchez Ramirez bus station back to Punta Cana for my flight home to London.

Santo Domingo Video

Mongering in Santo Domingo - Full Report

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