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Twenty-odd years ago,the majority of walk-ups in Soho were populated by English girls..

Nowadays most of the Soho girls are from abroad...

So these days what options are available for Englsh born girls...?Being as they seem to have been displaced by the foreign influx.

Do they all work indipendently these days..?

Or all for escorting agencies.?

Is Soho now seen as the lower end of the market in a way that it wasnt in the past? And is this why English girls have left it to foreigners.?

Now Im well aware of the immigration situation,and thats not really what this thread is about...

What I am asking is where have all the UK-born girls gone..

ie English girls that would have worked in Soho 20-30 yrs ago(if you see what I mean)what are their modern day options..?

As a secondary question,are there more girls in the trade these days than ever before,and if so why is this....??

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The Wikispaces sohowalkup link only identifies 2 ladies as UK (GBR), and one of them is 50, so is probably the same one that you saw 25-30 years ago.

In general, Soho is not the place to look for UK girls - yes there have been exceptions, one quite remarkable - the best best for UK girls is parlours.

My view is that, if anything, there are less girls in Soho these days, not helped by walkup closures.

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I think most English girls are disappearing/ have already disappeared from Soho for 2 main reasons:

1. They arent able to keep up with "conveyor-belt-like" nature of working in Soho these days. Due to strong competition the prices hardly changed there in last 20 years, yet costs of renting the flats increased dramatically (especially since the closure of several wlkups). Dont know what albanian mafia's (who allegedly control the area) cut is but I know it comes from girls' pockets too. In order to earn enough money to pay rent, maid, condoms etc, and still have some £'sss left at the end of the day, the girls have to see silly number of punters each day. No wonder English wg's chose not to work under such pressure and leave. E European and Oriental girls still see Soho as oportunity to make quick buck (due to pound-their local currency ratio), but only very few of them work in walkups longer than 6-7 months, in which time they work silly hours, 5-6 days a week in order to save as much as possible and leave.

2. I ve read and watched severals interviews with Soho maids where they said they prefered working with E Europeans and Orientals, as (since they have very clear priority- earn and save as much as poss) they have much better attitude, are much more reliable and cause fewer problems than British girls. The main reason however seemed to be the fact that almost all foreign girls were drug-free (massive generalisation, I know, but that was what all every single maid interviewed mentioned! It could have been because most English/ Brit WGs see work in Soho as very low end of the market and those maids had only dealt with those most desperate ones, which often means crackheads etc)

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Used to one a few years ago called Chelsea, from Birmingham, very pretty. But went through a lot of customers & left after a year.

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