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Looking For Great Gfe In Birmingham On Friday Night

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Hi everyone, am looking for a GFE on friday night, the type who is happy to chill around for a bit a bit and have some food and watch a movie and bring some uniforms and toys etc.

id really like a pretty girl, young, about 21ish, preferably indian but any suggestions will be appreciated.

id prefer ones that have already been reviewed and are confirmed as i dont get a lot of chances at this, only once every 2 months or so, so i dont wanna end up with someone looking a lot more disappointing in real life and i dont wanna end up getting scammed or anything like that (I read a thread about a women driving away with someones money!!!)

i especially like really pretty girls, with nice bodies. not to bothered about if she is experimental with all these crazy abbreviated performances that i been reading about lol

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