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Vienna Housing Numbering Report.

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Some odd number systems going on if look on provider's websites. Some have notations like 26/52, some have 12-34, some, 7/5/52 some have Street 3 Top 9. Who knows what it all means. Not all have the establishments name on the buzzer particularly if they are in an apartment block for obvious reasons.

These places are usually in apartments, some have their own independent entrance which is good as local laws have changed recently last November which means all knocking shops must not have communial entrances. I dont think all establishements comply to this. Apparently its ok if its only for a massage. Grey area, especially when you cant read/speak much German and dont want any potential trouble with plod.

'Japanese massage' Beatrixgasse 26/52 was a big building with many apartments. I cant recall flat 52 having a tell tale name like 'get it here lads' against it, I dont think any names against any buzzers, so decided not to bother. I wasn't ken on taking a chance of getting the wrong place.

I had a telephone number for Molladgase 23-14, but no reply when I tried to ring it. So I didn't bother with the u-bahn service to that area. On an Austrian forum I've since found out it was closed for a while, not sure if its open.

Onwards to Yoko's at Jagerstrasse 33. No indication of flat/top numbers from earlier reports on ISG, but I'd been before and worked it out then. I arrived and saw one had Yoko's or something obvious on on the buzzer. I think the girls name was Susi(?) just above average service overall but a nice slow bj with a steady buildup before hand of kissing/licking. On with the rubber, then a massage afterwards. Didnt feel like a 2nd pop. I think I got stung for the 'tourist' rate. The girl, or madam, said 150 initially, but I agreed 130 with the girl in the room, handed over the cash, but then the madam came back in and said an extra 20, which I paid up like an idiot. Perhaps Sunday is double time. My first visit there was average too.

Monday morning to at Währinger Gürtel 82 / Top 6. Top 6 was 1st flat you came to on the ground floor. The room I was shown looked a bit dingy, not very inviting, not quite the impression their website gave of a quality place. The maid said €100 for an hour which seemed a good price. I was quite keen on the bath/jaquzzi service. That was an extra 80. EIGHTY! I queried it and she drew out €180. Sod that. The only lady working there came in and I didnt fancy the deal, so left. Maybe early Monday mornings arent the best time to get a selection of ladies so probably my fault for going at that time. But....

I had spotted on the web and had made a note, and that wasn't too far away so gave them a visit. Their pictures on the website have nice baths and guessed they weren't just for show. Number 3 top 1 was flat 1 at number 3, which had a big Aroma Tempel sign of the outside of the door on the street. So had the buzzer for top 1. Obvious and easy, no chance of getting it wrong. 1st flat on the right in the entrance hall, Sofia opened the door and welcomed me with a nice smile and deep brown eyes you could look into forever. I went into the very clean and tidy well furnished classy apartment. Girls and flat were just as in the pictures, except Sofia is now a blonde. €120 for an hour and I asked about the bath and she said sure, no problem, included in the price. I hopped in the shower, she cleaned the already clean bath and filled it with water, shower gel for bubbles, herself, then me. Whirlpool feature activated for extra buzz. The taps are in the middle so dont get in the way. Good design. So was Sofia body. B cup boobies with large nipples with equally large labia to match. Kisses very sensually, lots of gentle lip action with gentle tongues. BJ in the bath, but RO was a bit tricky, was real muff diving in the bath, so onto the bed. Then on with the condom and she climbed aboard. Switched to doggy. It was then I noticed the condom was the colour of a beetroot, never seen one that colour before. Overall a great experience even if I did detect she was a little tired on a Monday morning. Good girls these Romanians, if you get a nice one. On leaving I noticed another girl in the flat and she looked stunning too. I would definately return.

A couple of days later I returned. I wondered if Sofia was available or the other girl. It was Sofia again. No regrets, Monday morning blues and tiredness were long gone and I had a better time with her than before. We had the room with columns by the bath this time. I showered whilst she again cleaned the already clean bath, mentioning she liked a clean bath, and I then added some shower gel from the shower. So did she. We were over soaped. Whirlpool on and foam overflowed everywhere. I made myself a hat, she added a beard (to me) and called me Santa Claus. She then hopped out and got another beetroot condom, on with that and sex in the bath. Very nice, we made waves. Beetroot red was an interesting contrast with her silky white skin and foam. Then onto the bed for RO, this time she got wetter and gave a decent impression of cumming gently, if it wasnt for real. BJ to finish me off just stopping in time for me to cum on her pert boobs. I thought it might end in CIM but wasnt disappointed. I left a happy man. She spoke good English and had a 100% good attitude. There was also another girl who looked a beauty, so would not hesitate to go back in the future.

I also had a look at a flat advertise under Coco's name, but that had an official looking Council/Government notice on the entrance hall in German which I couldnt read, and the girl said only a massage was on offer, nothing more. For €90. No thanks.

Never got to FKK Golden Time, but with €80 entrance and then €120 per hour maybe I would just go to Aroma Tempel a couple of times with sightseeing in between.

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