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Scam - Sweet M On Other Adult Provider

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Warning to punters in London (W & NW)

Sweet M on adolt werk

I contacted Sweet M through ** booking and by phone & text. Arranged time to meet - her place in NW10 Monday late afternoon

Arrived and went in to her flat on St Marys Rd NW10

Paid £150 and intro chat - all OK so far

She popped out of the room to get some oil - 1 minute later a big guy stepsin and asks who the fuck am i in his flat.

They had a routine going - she didnt know he was coming back so early - bla bla

I was obliged to leave - not exactly threatening / aggressive - but despite asking for my money back it was clear that unless i was 6ft 6 tall and 4 ft wide that it wasn't gonna happen. It was also clear that the guy could easily be more even unfriendly if he so wanted.

Sweet M called later to apologise and say she'd make it up to me (It's not impossible she was genuine) but it seemed clear that was was a set up routine - script need a little work - the timing was so implausible / conicidental


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